By Merit Ibe

The Henley Business School (HBS) in partnership with the  Association of Advertising Agencies of Nigeria (AAAN),  has awarded scholarships to five AdCademy participants  for  a post graduate diploma (PGD) study.

The scholarships were in two categories – fulltime valued at $7000 and part-time with 50 percent off. 

In the full time category is Nkem Monye, an account manager and Sheriff Akinpelu, founder of Strategy Trybe emerged winners while in the part time category, Nabila Abdulmajeed, a marketer; Abiona Elizabeth, digital artist and Joy Daniel, a communication specialist, won in the group.   

The programme is set to commence in April 2022 and will last for a duration of 12 months.

 At a virtual press conference held to announce the winners, President of AAAN, Steve Babaeko, explained that the award was a new corporate foundation to help the association leap to the future. He advised the beneficiaries to make judicious use of the scholarships because the whole point is to create a better industry to be able to develop quality manpower. 

Jon Foster-Pedley, Dean of school, who expressed joy at the partnership with AAAN, noted that the HBS has been in Africa for 30 years,  practicing, educating, developing people as an international business school in Africa. 

He explained that PGD, which is an accredited programme for leadership development, is a one year programme deeply experiential with works of building the character, positive, creative, design and  computational thinking embedded in the work place for deep management practices  to develop projects. ‘I can’t wait to see Nigeria develop other levels of leadership.”

Having been  accredited by the African Business school,  Foster- Pedley, said  what was  important is that African economy is transformed based on the intellectual innovation that comes with its practice. 

He noted that  the collaboration with AAAN is one with a hope to transform economies to stand alone comfortably,  reinforce capabilities and modern economies not just one based on oil or gold but based on intellect, aspiration, innovation that spreads to other parts of the economy and stands as model to other African development as well.

“That is why we developed that scholarship and particularly special to me is the scholarships to the creative industry because I feel they are the catalyst for transformation for many economies for the poor, rich, diverse and resilient.” 

On his part, Jean Pierr Choulet, said each scholarship is worth about $11,000. “No added fees,they have to work  virtually with their data and  computers. Every other thing is free. 

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“It’s a full level eight  qualification  in South African, which is equivalent of an honours degree. The qualification of MBI.

Choulet said the global HBS is one of the unique Business schools in the world that has the triple accreditation from Africa.” It’s unique among business schools, among the top 60 in the world, top 20 in Europe, top 5 in the UK and  first in South Africa. 

“Our vision is to forward our African knowledge centre to create African knowledge to precipitate into a multi human capital. We build the people and build the businesses that build Africa. We are very committed to that and very proud of this opportunity  and vision. 

He said the first role of the school in the face of the challenges in the economies is to create genuine knowledge by analysing the world, equipping young people with cutting edge framework rooted in cutting edge knowledge .

“The world has been shaped by the digital transformation, pandemic, financial crisis, climate crisis and others.

In a world   more technological, what we need is to be more human, we need to champion humanity.

HBE is strongest in people development and unlocking human capital. That is where the school is different from its competitors.

“Once the students of the school graduate, we need to follow up, equip them, connect them to knowledge partners, job opportunities, investment opportunities and others.

“Our mileage network is part of our advantage.  We are about 87,000 people all over the world. The winners of this scholarship are going to be part of this network and will benefit from it to ensure they are equipped on demand. So you are connected and not alone.” 

Choulet said the three commitment of a good business school is knowledge, people development and follow up. 

Advising the beneficiaries,  the team noted that the award  is a key to achieve better things. “Our joy is to see you succeed. Use this as a good purpose to build the industry.”

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