In the realm of music performances, Heart of Worship Tour stands out, seamlessly blending Yoruba and Igbo traditions in a captivating performance set to charm global audiences during their upcoming U.S. tour. Led by the soulful vocals of Blessing Akintunde, Sarah Dada, Emmanuel Onyegbula, Gift Christopher, Adeyinka Okeleye, Oluwaseun Tanimola, Daniel Igbojionu, Daberechi Okwuoha and Ozioma Nwankwo. This ensemble of talented singers and instrumentalists celebrates diversity by fusing traditional melodies with modern beats. Recent performances in Lagos showcased their unique blend, incorporating traditional dance recitals for an enchanting visual experience.

Blessing Akintunde’s commanding voice guides the group through a range of emotions, from exuberant praise to contemplative worship, creating a multi-dimensional sonic journey. Rooted in Yoruba and Igbo Gospel traditions, Heart of Worship fearlessly embraces a contemporary sound, infusing elements of Highlife and other genres. As anticipation builds for their U.S. tour, Heart of Worship promises to bring this enriching cultural experience to a global audience, a testament to the harmonious fusion of tradition and modernity in the world of music.”

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The group is scheduled to perform in Chicago, Baltimore, Indianapolis, Atlanta amongst others.