From Ighomuaye Lucky, Benin

A sixty-year-old widow, Mrs. Esther Aimie Aimhekagbon, has alleged that one Uzama Osaretin Alexander has converted her parcel of land into a burial ground.

Aimhekagbon appeared before the Edo State Private Properties Protection Committee, headed by Hon. Justice Alero Edodo-Eruaga (Retd), to make the allegation.

She told the panel that she bought the parcel of land with her late husband’s pension money but was surprised to find that Alexander had buried people on it.

“I bought my land measuring 50 by 100 in Egor Community in 2001 only to be alerted by a neighbour that a grave was being dug in the land a few years after,” Aimhekagbon stated.

“Later in the evening, I was there and witnessed as the Respondent brought in a corpse and buried the remains in the land.

“This happened in 2016, making it two corpses that the Respondent had buried in the land.

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“He had earlier buried a woman, I learnt this latest one was the daughter of that woman.

“I know the Respondent very well. He cannot deny it,” Aimhekagbon alleged.

The widow pleaded with the Committee to help her recover the land, which she stated was bought with her late husband’s death benefit paid to her children by NITEL.

Respondent Uzama Osaretin Alexander denied the allegation of burying corpses in the Petitioner’s land. He claimed to have nothing to do with the land in dispute and denied ever meeting the Petitioner, Esther Aimie Aimhekagbon.

The Investigative Police Team will visit the said land to verify the Petitioner’s claims.

Meanwhile, the Petitioner stated that her vendor, Chief Reuben Ogiegor, had died shortly after transferring the land to her but said that her witnesses were still alive.

The Committee has adjourned the case until July 8 while investigations continue.