From Okwe Obi, Abuja

To ameliorate the economic distress of the people in the North East, the North East Development Commission (NEDC), has announced the donation of food and household items.

NEDC Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Mohammed Alkali said items to be distributed include 300,000 bags of rice; 200,000 cartons of spaghetti and macaroni; 100,000 bags of sugar, 100,000 bags; 100,000 wrappers; 100,000 clothing materials among others.

Alkali, after a closed door board meeting with the executive board, said NEDC would commence a tour around the six states and to complete all projects in the region.

According to him, the commission would continue to provide relief items to the indigent people.

“We are going to release 300,000 bags of rice to the NorthEast.

“And we are also going to release spaghetti and macaroni, 200,000 cartons, vegetable oil, we are going to release 100,000 cartons, sugar. We are going to release 100,000 bags.

“We have branded mats, 200,000 pieces. We have branded blankets, 100,000 pieces. We have shirt that means clothing, we have 100,000 pieces. Women wrappers, we have 100,000 pieces. Children wears, another 100,000 pieces.

“We want to also inform you that we have worked out a very robust strategy to how these things will be distributed. So that we will touch all the 100,000 local governments in the North-East.

“Also, we have 1,058 wards in the North-East. And as you all know, we have 48 rural constituencies in the North-East.

“You also know that we have 18 Senatorial districts. All those areas were mapped up and put in a strategy to ensure that we have covered all the vulnerable and indigents in the North-East.

“To support them to alleviate the current situation occasioned by the rise in the price of food stocks.

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Earlier, NEDC Chairman, Gen Paul Tarfa (rtd), highlighted 6 items the Commission would embark on which including the completion of all projects, e-mobility programmes by developing e-vehicles.

Tarfa said: “We just want now to highlight to you on the key issues at stake as to what we are doing according to the agenda of Mr. President, the agenda of renewed hope for which we were appointed.

“First on the list is to key into the renewed hope agenda of Mr. President of the Federation in keeping with all that is desired for the common man.

“Secondly, we want to inform you that we want to complete all projects that we embarked upon during the last board and what we are about to embark upon.

“We intend to complete all that is in progress and then to commence with immediate effect following this board meeting, the projects ahead of us.

“The third is to focus on projects that will operate, that will generate direct and indirect employment opportunities in the zone. So many are bored without work, so many are hungry, so many need to be employed.

“The opportunities must be created and that is what we are out to do.

“Four, we want to embark on projects and programme that will have multiple impacts on the lives of the people in the zone, which are expected in due course.

“Five, to embark on e-mobility programmes by developing e-vehicles to alleviate the challenges in transportation across the zone. The details will be given in full after I have finished.

“Six, to continue to focus on projects that will open up closed sectors, enhance socio-economic activities across markets and bolster security within the North-East and environs.

“Finally, to continue with intermittent food distribution intervention and complement the efforts of both the federal and state governments to bring succor to vulnerable and indigent in our communities. These details of distribution will also be given to you in due course.

“It is not a forum to list down all that we are doing, but these are some of the key points that we want to present to you when we are at action. And by the grace of God, we are going to meet them.”