The noticeable vigor being exhibited in the discharge of its comstitutional mandate to fish out and ensure the prosecution of corrupt men and women in the society who had soiled their hands with oil of corruption including those in demanding positions who have filled their pockets with unaccountable loots. What a herculean task, one would affirm, but since its establishment in 2004 sequel to an Establishment Act which was first enacted in December, 2002 and amended on June 4, 2004. Its journey had been described like that of a ship on the high sea facing a turbulent wave.

However, to some security observers and analysts it seems the organization is a good body language expert. The organization knows the president who is not serious with the issue surrounding the fight against corruption, the president that is politicizing the fight against corruption, and also knows the president that is not consistent with an earlier avowed determination to fight corruption and the president who is steadfast in his policy determination to fight corruption to a stand still situation. It is such good reading and understanding of the “ body language of the president couple with the determination of the leadership of EFCC, that is today yielding commendable results. Results that had projected the organization into public consciousness and recognition. The commendable zeal towards investigation and the uncommon patriotism have further endeared the organisation to many observing Nigerians. Each time the performance rating of a government organisation or institution soars high, the people express appreciation and it means that the public common wealth being expended to finance every of their operational , administrative and overall wealfare is not wasted. No wonder many are not too comfortable with the performance of the anti graft twin brother of the EFCC, which is the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC) whose performance rating is plummeting unrelentlessly It is either it should be scrapped or merged with the EFCC since they both have similar constitutional mandates. Impressively , the EECC under the present administration has been able to off load unnecessary ethnic and religious bias from its operational focus. A close scrutiny of its list of operational victims shows a clear distance from other past leaderships who unfortunately were to some extent bias either ethnically or religiously. Painfully, corruption has seriously defaced the face of Nigeria as a country. From the North, to the South, and from the East to the West, the story is the same. When one checks the corruption index of Nigeria, the result is mind wrecking as this menace has eaten deep into every sector of the country. According to Wikipedia check,  “Nigeria is on the 150 list corrupt nation out of 180 countries, according to the 2022 Corruption Perceptions Index reported by Transparency International.” Meanwhile, the recorded efforts of the EFCC leadership under Olanipekun Olukoyede speak volume except that there are noticeable challenges ahead when considering international records which says that Nigeria’s level of corruption perception is 26.7 against a global average of 48.4 Nonetheless , the appreciable effort so far needs more patriotic zeal. Like the arraignment of a former Minister of Power and Steel Development, Olu Agunloye on January 10, 2024 before Justice J.O Onwuegbuzie of the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, High Court, Apo, Abuja. Also, operatives of the Lagos Zonal Command have arrested a former Minister of Commerce and Industry, Charles Chukwuemeka Ugwuh, for an alleged conspiracy and fraud to the tune of N3.6bn. Quite impressive is the secured conviction and sentence of Benjamin Ikaa before Justice Emeka Nwite of the Federal High Court, Abuja. He was sentenced to five years imprisonment for his involvement in $1.6million cryptocurrency fraud. Also, the commission operatives of the Lagos Zone, arrested a former Minister of Commerce and Industry, Charles Chukwuemeka Ugwuh, for an alleged conspiracy and fraud to the tune of N3.6bn. Added to this is the conviction by Justice A.A Bello of the Kaduna State High court sitting in Kaduna has convicted and sentenced one Idris Musa to ten years imprisonment for Automated Teller Machine, ATM fraud. Meanwhile, because of its growing achievement , Nigerians are appreciating the efforts of the commission. Just recently the Lagos State Real Estate Regulatory Authority, LASRERA, expressed interest to collaborate with the Commission, to check fraudulent malpractices in the real estate sector in the state. Also the Resident Electoral Commissioner of the Independent National Electoral Commission, in charge of Kaduna State, Mallam Aminu Kasimu Idris, on January 10, 2024, commended the EFCC, on its role in curbing electoral fraud.

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Ben Igwe for test

His recent promotion culminated to his recent appointment to head the newly created squad set up to fight bandits and other related criminality.    

The name Ben Igwe is synonymous with fighting hardened criminals, no wonder his colleagues nick named him “ Nen Lion heart.”  He loves those working with him to always be courageous and professional. Indeed these outstanding qualities had consistently marked him out as a thorough breed professional police officer with a knack to eradicate armed criminals in the society.

So it was not surprising when his name was mentioned to head the new Tactical Squads on accelerated operations. The lnspector General of police must have checked his antecedence as a tough crime fighter with impeccable track records, before appointing him. His name is a taboo to criminals and it is hoped that in no distant time, the nagging problem of bandits attack, kidnapping would be a problem of the past in the federal capital territory. Impressively  few days after its inauguration, the squad moved into action and dislodged a notorious gang of kidnappers around Abuja forest and was reported to had arrested many of the criminals. The question on the lips of many residents of Abuja is, why did the lnspector General of police Mr Kayode Egbedokun delay in assembling squad before now. Was he not in the system. Why did he wait until he was appointed as the IGP? However, now that the waiting game has ended, the real game is now in the court of AIG Ben lgwe to once again display his dexterity in the field of fighting bandits and kidnappers that have sowed tears and pain in many families around the country. The test of the pudding is in the eating. Assuredly , Nigerians cannot easily forget a police squad that helped to wipe away their tears of sorrow and pain. After the deed is done by ending the the pains of Nigerians and they woke up to hear that the nagging issues of bandits attack and kidnapping for ransomed have come to and end, that is when the lgwe squad and the lGP would know that they served and sacrificed for a country that pays back in abundance. That is when personels of the squad would know that they are indeed Nigerians and Nigeria and her President know how to appreciate those who help to wipe away their tears in appreciation. So, over to you, AIG Ben the Lion heart.