By Henry Uche, Lagos

Halogen Group, one of Nigeria’s leading security risk solutions providers has launched its Nigeria Security Outlook Report 2024.

The comprehensive report, developed by Halogen’s security risk advisory and consulting division, represents a significant milestone in addressing critical issues regarding the nation’s escalating rates of insecurity.

As the security landscape continues to give worrying signals of worsening volatilities, it has become increasingly necessary that the general public and particularly business and political leaders be equipped with the insights they need to make informed decisions.

In a statement released to Daily Sun, Halogen affirms that the 2024 Nigeria Security Outlook report serves as a cornerstone in this endeavor, providing a detailed analysis of emerging threats, vulnerabilities, and trends shaping our national security environment.

Wale Olaoye, CEO, Halogen Group, explained that Halogen is disseminating this invaluable resource to the national public, claiming further that this gesture is yet another testament to Halogen’s unyielding commitment to enabling security and safety.

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In the publication, Olaoye expressed that Halogen aims to empower individuals, organisations, and policymakers with the knowledge needed to mitigate risks, preempt and forestall threats, and safeguard our collective security.

The Halogen boss said: “The Nigeria Security Outlook 2024 publication serves as a valuable resource for stakeholders across various sectors, with embedded analytical insights that would facilitate collaboration and coordination in addressing complex security challenges in Nigeria. We believe that by sharing our insights and analysis openly, we can contribute to a safer and more secure nation.”

The insights provided in the publication, said Olaoye, further demonstrate Halogen’s commitment to providing actionable intelligence and guidance to the economy.

Dr Wale Adeagbo, Halogen’s Director, Security Risk Advisory & Consulting Services, further shed light on the company’s initiative:

“Our decision to undertake this initiative stems from our firm commitment to advancing national security through data-driven analysis and strategic insights. This publication, therefore, is a contribution to a deeper understanding of the evolving security landscape that stimulates meaningful conversations at the national level.

“We believe that by fostering an open dialogue and sharing critical insights, we can collectively work towards a safer and more secure future for our country,” Adeagbo affirmed.