…Says millions could become infertile even as home-grown school feeding initiatives threatened

By Bianca Emefu-Iboma

The Global Prolife Alliance (GPA) has written a letter to President Bola Tinubu, exposing the dangers of genetically modified organism (GMO) seeds. Signed by the chairman of the group, Dr Phillip Njemanze, it was titled, ‘National security threat: Biotech terrorism, using GMO seeds.’

The letter reads: “The approval of GMO seeds by the National Biosafety Management Agency (NBMA) is contributing to insecurity in Nigeria, as biotechnology companies allegedly sponsor terrorists to eliminate natural seed growers – farmers. The biotech mercenaries track the farmers using electronic wallets – cell phones.

“Biotechnology companies sponsoring terrorism: According to the United States Council on Foreign Relations (2015-2018), Boko Haram claimed 37,500 lives in Nigeria, with a significant number being natural seed growers, both Christians (15% or 5,500 victims) and Muslims (85% or 32000 victims).

“Obviously, the so-called insurgency not related to any Islamic terrorism. This coincides with the introduction of genetically modified (GMO) seeds. The attacks on cowpea production areas aim to replace natural seeds with genetically modified cowpeas (GM-cowpeas) approved by the NBMA.

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“Mass-sterilization of Nigerians using GMO corn epicyte gene: Certain GMO foods, like corn, allegedly contain an epicyte gene linked to sterilization. Children and adults consuming products like cornflakes or cornmeal made from this GMO corn may face sterilization.

“The epicyte gene, inserted into GMO seeds, poses a threat to public feeding programmes, especially affecting children in Home-Grown School Feeding initiatives. Millions of Nigerians could become infertile, leading to a surge in fertility clinics, often sponsored by foreign biotechnology owners.

“Terminator gene threat to food security: The terminator gene, a genetic use restriction technology (GURT), makes plants produce sterile seeds in the second generation, known as ‘suicide seeds.’ Biotechnology companies intend to permanently control Nigeria’s food security by ensuring farmers must repurchase seeds each planting season.

“This would result in the perpetual capture of the country’s financial, health, natural and human resources by foreign biotechnology investors.”

The letter provided solution to the matter. It said: “To address these security concerns, a decisive step is needed. The government should consider implementing a complete ban on all GMO seeds and crops in Nigeria. This action aims to safeguard the nation’s food security, protect citizens from potential health risks and prevent the exploitation of natural resources by biotechnology companies.”

The group added the map of overlap of Boko Haram attacks and cowpea production areas as well as other documents to support its position.