From Abel Leonard, Lafia
In a move aimed at maintaining focus on developmental goals and ensuring political loyalty, Governor Abdullahi Sule of Nasarawa State has issued a stern directive to political appointees contemplating or supporting political ambitions. 
The governor, through a letter signed by the Secretary to the Government, Barrister Mohammed Ubandoma Aliyu, dated April 16th, 2024, advised such appointees to either resign or await the lifting of the ban on political activities by INEC.
Governor Sule expressed concern over the active involvement of some political office holders in pre-election activities, including campaigning, despite their current roles in his administration. He emphasized the need for adherence to electoral laws and underscored the potential distraction such actions pose to his administration’s developmental agenda.
“In light of these developments, all political office holders aspiring for elective positions or backing others in such pursuits are urged to resign promptly or await INEC’s directive on political engagement,” Governor Sule stated firmly. He cautioned against acts of disloyalty and insubordination, asserting that his administration would not tolerate any conduct undermining its goals.
With just one year into his second tenure, Governor Sule reiterated his commitment to infrastructural development, economic empowerment, and overall progress for Nasarawa State. He emphasized the importance of undivided attention from his team in achieving these objectives, stressing the detrimental impact of political distractions.
“We are at a critical juncture in our state’s journey towards sustainable development. Any form of political ambition or interference must not jeopardize our collective efforts,” Governor Sule affirmed. He urged all stakeholders to prioritize the welfare and progress of the state above personal political interests.
Daily Sun reports that the directive comes amid speculations and rumors surrounding potential political aspirations among members of the administration. Governor Sule’s decisive stance reflects his determination to maintain unity and discipline within his ranks, ensuring effective governance and service delivery to the people of Nasarawa State.
However, Political observers have welcomed the governor’s directive as a necessary step to uphold the integrity of the administration and foster a conducive environment for governance.
They commend his proactive approach in addressing potential conflicts of interest and maintaining focus on developmental priorities.
In response to the directive, Hon. Kassim Muhammed Kassim, Special Adviser, political Affairs to governor Abdullahi Sule expressed understanding of the governor’s position, acknowledging the importance of prioritizing the state’s interests above personal ambitions.
He pledged his commitment to supporting the administration’s agenda while abiding by the stipulated guidelines.