One of the sweetest things you can do is having sex with your partner early in the morning. I know many couples prefer to enjoy their climbing duties at night, but you can wake up your partner for some unforgettable steamy sex session in the morning for a change.

You can just snuggle closer to them when they are still sleeping and start caressing their body. When they roll over just to know why you are so naughty at that time of the day; you can just capture their lips with deep kisses, while running your fingers through their chest and caressing their nipples at the same time.

From there, proceed to their private part and lovingly caress those secret places waiting to be explored. At that moment, your partner is fully awake and ready for what you have to offer. I don’t want to imagine what will happen afterwards but that’s the beauty of starting your day with mingling bodies.

For married couples who have to rush off to work and prepare the children for school, having a quickie can be very fulfilling. Mornings are the perfect time, because you will probably be in a rush, and the heart-pounding adrenaline of hurried sex will intensify the entire experience.

Engaging in an intimate, physical, and enjoyable activity sets the mood for the whole day and makes everything easy to cope with. Studies have shown that sex in the morning can be a natural stress reliever with effects that can last for the whole week. You can now imagine having this benefit of early morning sex everyday.

Many studies have revealed that individuals who engage in morning sex are healthier and happier people. Your post-coital glow that others are noticing isn’t imaginary. You will just be smiling all day long because having sex in the morning releases the feel-good chemical oxytocin, which makes couples feel bonded all day long.

Who doesn’t want to have a hot, sexy husband or wife who’s all about pleasing you first thing in the morning? Getting it on just when you both wake up means you will remember it the entire day, especially if it was mind-blowing.

While having sex is always good, there are some choice encounters that qualify as really, really great and having orgasms first thing in the morning is one of such choice heart racing encounters.

In the morning haze, when you are at your most vulnerable and still easing into the day, nothing beats the feeling of having someone next to you wrap his arms around you and make you feel wanted.

Morning sex is like eating chocolate cake for breakfast because it’s indulgent and comforting. Plus, who doesn’t want to linger in bed just a little longer?

Enjoying mind blowing sex first thing in the morning guarantees that you wake up on the right side of the bed. Morning sex also increases levels of an antibody that helps to fight against infection. It’s like taking your daily vitamins but only way more pleasurable.

You can skip the gym when you have sex in the mornings. It’s a way better alternative to a morning workout before hopping into the shower. It has been confirmed by scientists that an hour of sex burns almost as many calories as a 30-minute jog.

For weight watchers who seem not to get enough of jogging on the treadmill, this is one of the great benefits of early morning sex. You can burn up to 74 calories in just 15 minutes. If your husband or wife needs more exercise, they can burn up to 112 calories in the same amount of time.

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With all these mouth watering benefits of inserting and removing early in the morning, who doesn’t want to begin the day with an orgasm? It’s like Christmas morning as there’s a package waiting for you to enjoy. And everyone scores too.

Doing the deed at this time is easier because your clothes are already off. It is easier to caress, lick and suck your partner. I know many people go to bed almost naked. So, the time that will be used to peel off clothes is out of the equation. All you need do is go for it and enjoy orgasmic bliss together before facing your day.

Having sex in the morning is more intimate. The few minutes you have to yourselves after first opening your eyes are special. Most people who you are in regular contact with have no idea what you look, sound, smell and feel like first thing in the morning, but your partner does. That’s what makes morning sex so intimate.

For women who love to talk about how good their men are in bed, having morning sex is an excuse to gloat at work to their colleagues. When asked about their nights, they quickly reveal that they had amazing morning sex to the surprise of whoever asked.

These women who enjoy moaning in the morning are quick to recommend having sex at that time to their colleagues who complain about stress. To them, it is the perfect stress reliever of all times and they reveal it with confidence too because they are speaking from experience.

Morning sex is a better replacement for coffee. It gets you going first thing in the morning. A poke in the sacred region jolts you awake in a way that caffeine can’t. If you become addicted, it is understandable. It is even allowed. Sex is sweet and addictive, so you are excused.

Morning sex is ending the night on a good note. It leaves you high, content and fulfilled. As a woman, there is nothing like a good alarm to wake up in the morning other than feeling your partner caressing and sucking your breasts and slipping their fingers in and out of your vagina at the same time.

As a man, there’s nothing more pleasurable than feeling your woman’s tender hands working on your penis or sucking it while you are still snoring. That’s bliss baby, orgasmic bliss!

For women, fast morning breathes lead to post-coital glow, natural daylight to contour your face which makes waking up early totally worth it. Whether you are going to work or back to bed, your post-coital glow is going to make you simply gorgeous. Sex raises your blood pressure the natural way and improves circulation. This means plumper lips and better skin.

Waking your man up with sex makes him keep thinking about you throughout the day.  You can go the extra mile by giving him a wake-up call with the best blowjob you can do. Get under the blankets and make sure you suck on his tip while you fondle his balls gently and pump the shaft until he calls out your name.

Don’t be surprised when your husband starts texting you sweet nothings or hot steamy lines the entire day. That is just one of many benefits of early morning sex. He may also start helping out with house chores just to keep enjoying the early morning communion.

Since you are being more open about your sexual relations with your husband, he may be more eager to get home and help you out knowing that if you have enough energy, he gets a sweet sexy treat from you later in the morning. Which sane man wouldn’t? Men love sex especially when their wives initiate it and first thing in the morning too.

For those women whose husbands might be too tired in the evening to get it up, there is no need to nag the man. You can decide to get your sexual fill first thing in the morning as his staff will be bigger and harder than usual. All you have to do is get up on top of him and give yourself a ride.