From Abel Leonard, Lafia

In a bid to tackle the pressing challenges of climate change and ensure sustainable food production, the Global Initiative for Food Security and Ecosystem Preservation (GIFSEP) hosted a comprehensive two-day training on Nature-Based Solutions.

The event which Commenced on Tuesday Nasarawa Luxury Hotel, situated along Shendam Road, Lafia.

In an interview with Mr. Ibrahim Joseph, the programme manager for GIFSEP, highlighted the significance of the programme. “The program, generously sponsored by AACJ and Oxfam, aims to address the critical issues of food security and climate resilience in Nasarawa and Benue state respectively.

He said the focal point of the training is the elucidation of strategies to sustain food supply within Nigeria, especially Nasarawa and Benue state.

One of the facilitator, Mis Gloria Agema, Executive Director,Gee Foundation for Social Justice and Development emphasised the importance of the theme, “Understanding Climate Smart Agriculture” delved into the intricate modalities essential for bolstering food security amidst environmental challenges.

She added that Climate Smart Agriculture is aimed at three major objectives of increased Agricultural Productivity and Income, Adapting and Building Resilience to Climate Change and Reducing or Removing Greenhouse Emission.

Gloria further explained that Climate Smart Agriculture practices involved improved water Management, Soil health Management, Climate- resilience crop Varieties.However, noted that agriculture is not only about crop production but also fishery, Forestry and livestock’s production.

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Mr. Okolo envoh, one of the participants, relates the program’s relevance in light of prevailing hardships associated with food scarcity nationwide.

“It is high time for our nation to prioritize investments in agriculture to ensure a sustainable food future,” Mr. Mark asserted, echoing sentiments shared by many attendees.

Another facilitator, Mr. Joshua Jonathan, Chairman, Association of Small Scale Agro-Producers in Nigeria emphasized on the need to diversify other ways of farming stressing on Home Gardening.

He added that Home Gardening is one of the leading trend in farming, saving cost increases productivity of agricultural Productivity and Income. While explaining the types of gardening ranging from vertical, hydroponics, Companion planting, Robotics and Automation and Drones Technology.

Mr. Joshua explained the various ways of home garden farming while identifying Sack farming as one of the easiest to engaged.

He urged farmers to adopt the new system of farming to mitigate climate change and safe cost while increasing Agricultural Productivity and Income.

Daily Sun gathered that diverse array of stakeholders graces the event, with a notable presence of farmers hailing from various communities and local government areas across Nasarawa state. Additionally, civil society organizations and media representatives contribute to the vibrant exchange of ideas and perspectives during the training sessions.

The inaugural day of the training witnessed engaging discussions and interactive sessions, where participants actively exchanged insights and experiences. Themes ranging from Climate Smart Agriculture CSA to sustainable land management were explored, fostering a deeper understanding of nature-based solutions to mitigate climate-related challenges.

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