By Christy Anyanwu

Up in the northern part of the country, the wind known as Iska that brings the harmattan dust haze and chilly, dry air is already being felt.

And in few days, the harmattan season would set in down south. For some, its a period they dread because of the dry, dust breeze that blows , windy and dust.  Here are few tips you need to ride out the harmattan which can be a nuissance.


1. Wear a good scarf that can cover your hair and shield it from dust.

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2. Wear good sunglasses that match your face, to protect your eyes from dust.

3. If you have to go out during chilly day time, wear a suitable sweater or fashionable cardigan to keep yourself warm while maintaining a sassy look.

4. Keep a lip balm in your bag always and use it liberally.

5. Use an oily lotion to protect you skin from the dry weather.