Many elder statesmen are grappling with the conflict between love for the country and love for their reputation. They have to decide whether they would stay on and keep contributing their quota to national development while risking overstaying their welcome or simply retire into the long night, leaving the stage for the younger ones to try their luck.
Former military administrator of Lagos State, Brig-Gen. Buba Marwa (rtd), seems to have settled for the latter option. Having failed several times in his bid to become the governor of Adamawa State, he seems to have finally thrown in the towel.
Unlike many military men whose enduring legacies are brutality and rigidity, Buba Marwa was well loved by majority of Lagosians during his tenure as the state’s numero uno. Operation Sweep, which he launched during this time, helped to rid the state of criminal elements, while the impact of his Operation 250 Roads is still felt today on the numerous roads he helped to build or repair. Since his retirement from military service, Marwa has concentrated more on his home state of Adamawa. Although he has repeatedly been frustrated in his governorship bid by the powers that be, he remains a loyal servant in the background, helping the state government with his experience in the art of governance.
Society Gists sighted him and his delectable wife at the just concluded Lagos @ 50 gala night held last week and they were both looking good as they were cheered by many guests at the event.

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