Gabriel is also known as Mr TacosWay was born in San Fernando. His family was from a humble background and had just enough to survive. Even though they were not financially strong, they did not lack love and affection. Gabriel grew up mostly around his grandparents. Even though the neighbourhood was not an elite one, it had the most loving people calling it their home. The friendly neighbourhood had a positive effect on his mentality. He has learnt most of the things from his grandparents by observing them.

As he grew up, he started going to work with his dad. His dad used to sell tortillas and Gabriel used to have fun working with him. He felt a lot close to his dad by being with him all day. But this is when reality also started hitting him. He understood that there was a lack of money in his family and they were struggling to meet the daily needs. When he was 11-12 years old, his dad found a cleaning job and his mom worked as a janitor. He would help his mom every Monday-Friday. While his classmates would go play after school, he would go to work. He vacuumed, cleaned chalkboards, swept floors, and took the trash out. Soon his mom was fired as some parents complained about Gabriel visiting a school during non-working hours. Unfortunately, Gabriel had to grow up very early compared to the kids of his age. Gabriel never graduated high school but he knew he had to work hard and make it in life financially.

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His family had a very positive attitude and Gabriel had inherited that. Even though his parents could not afford expensive things, they had given him good values which will be with him forever. By keeping this mindset Gabriel has tried working in many fields. He then got married at a young age to his love Erica. The day his daughter Sarahi was born was the best day of his life. Finally, in 2012, Gabriel managed to save enough money to open a family-oriented business. It was a Mexican furniture store that bought him enough money to buy a new house. He has also operated a hot-dog stand outside a nearby DMV.

While doing this he noticed a niche, there was no one selling authentic Mexican food. Growing up in southern California, he knew that the local food industry was missing something and he could bring that to the table. His next venture was TacosWay. He was working way harder than before. He was putting in his 16 hours a day into work without holidays. Cut to the part now, Gabriel owns 5 food chain in 5 locations and according to him, it won’t be long until there’s a TacosWay near your home too.