From Jeff Amechi Agbodo, Onitsha

Following the incessant cases of suicide by young and old across Nigeria, Life Purpose Foundation, has moved to tackle the menace in the society.

The foundation aimed to assist people to decipher their life purpose or destiny.

Director General of the foundation, Hillary Nnamani, while briefing newsmen, said the objective of the foundation was to curb the menace of suicide cases, which were remotely caused by deviation from life purpose, to promote longevity and fulfilment in life for people.

Nnamani said: “We have been partnering Nigeria Correctional Service, Enugu Custodial Centre and National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) in rehabilitating inmates for proper reintegration into the society. We guide students of both secondary and tertiary institutions to their right individual life errand.

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“We have that intention of rehabilitating the depressed and educate and guide others to their life purpose to avoid such crises.

“We intend to proliferate centres for such assisted living everywhere from Africa to the ends of the Earth. But the project is capital intensive. We are yet to be sponsored.

“We have remote and immediate causes of problems. The remote cause of most problems is repudiation of one’s life purpose. When you repudiates your life purpose, you are like someone who attended a big conference and during lunch could not locate a banquet hall with a banquet table bearing your name tag. The person could miss the lunch or manage with crumbs or leftovers from someone’s table. This is mediocrity, debase and frustrating if one has to live like this through out life time, hence they go for suicide. Criminal life style, depression, alcoholism and womanising could also be observed as consolidation lifestyles they adopt.

“To checkmate this problem, everyone needs to be assisted to discover their life purpose on time so they would live relevantly to themselves and the entire society to enjoy long, healthy and fulfilled life. Since everyone is involved, we need to pass this teaching to every organised group of people, including churches and schools, and proliferate centres all over the world to reach everyone.

“As time goes on, and especially when we are sponsored, we too will quarter and rehabilitate people who bear with existential crises, that is, those who repudiated their life meaning in our various centres,” he said.