Fortreal Academy is a real estate school in the city of Abuja with the vision to inspire and empower a generation of realtors and real estate professionals who are skillful, knowledgeable, outstanding, legally smart and wealthy. Fortreal Academy in a short time, is definitely on its way to becoming the go-to as it concerns real estate education in Nigeria.

Here are reviews from some of its graduates who shared their thoughts on how the Academy has changed their lives.

Ibi Victor, popularly known as Abuja Favourite Realtor, stated that the importance of knowledge in a chosen field of profession can never be over emphasized and he believes that the Fortreal Academy exists for that purpose. In his words, he said, “My encounter with the Academy changed my life for good and that of those that have gone through the academy with testimonies and evidences of results.”

He further stated, “I struggled with sales and wanted the best approach to handling my clients and their transactions prior joining the Academy.”

It was in my quest to serve my clients and provide them with professional and quality services and ensuring that their investments in the real estate sector is safe and secured and this led to joining the Fortreal team and enrolling for the 7Figure Masterclass.

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My life changed in a quick swipe after graduating from the 7Figure Masterclass in 2023. It was less than one month after taking the course that I made my first million in commission and I must confess that my life has never remained the same.

For me, Fortreal Academy is not just a school but a breeding ground for seasoned and well equipped real estate professionals.

Benjamin Ekene Ibeachu, another graduate stated that the Fortreal Academy Real Estate Course has had a significant impact on his career by teaching him the correct methods to market his products and consistently make sales in the real estate industry. He stated that through this course, he has learned about the importance of branding, particularly personal branding in real estate.

In his last words, “the Real Estate Law Course (RELC) is the best you can find in Nigeria” It has made him legally savvy as a realtor and has helped him enhance his skills in a way that also helps him avoid the troubles in the industry.

On the other hand, Offiong Barahart Oyo-ita (Abuja Guru Realtor) while narrating her experience stated that her journey in Real Estate was one of ease and a smooth sail because she had proper training to guide her through it all irrespective of her then amateur status. In her words, “I didn’t have to surf the Internet sieving out the irrelevant from the relevant, or looking hard for a proper guide to understanding real estate, Fortreal Academy did all that for me and I was able to digest a complete package or rather dosage of all I needed and in no time I was able to gain visibility, build a client base, meet the needs of my clients and of course close deals.”

Making my first million was all embodied in patience, social proof, proper follow-up, and knowledge of the basics of property law. All these I learned from Nigeria’s no. 1 real estate academy and of course the rest is history”.