The Rivers State people’s Democratic Party (PDP) governorship candidate, Siminalayi Fubara said as a good student of the Nyesom Wike school of effective governance and party politics ideologies, he has come out tops in class.

In a statement, the party’s candidate for the governorship election said his number one plan would be to establish industrial hubs in each of the three senatorial zones of the state when he becomes governor, saying that his administration would also give a premium to human capital development.

 Fubara said he would sustain the peace and security in Ogoniland and focus mainly on creating more jobs for the teeming youths of the state.

The Opobo-born politician has promised to harness human and capital resources to serve the people of Rivers state.

“With the benefits of hindsight let’s take a look at a few of Mr. Project’s achievements and the continuity and legacies that will be followed by his prospective successor.

Rivers people are aware of the achievements of the incumbent governor over the construction of over 500 roads, the repositioning of the health sector through the building of more health centers at the grassroots, and a free health policy for children below 18 years and adults above 65 years of age and all these are what SIM has vowed to continue.

In addition, 5,000 youths are now being recruited into the Rivers state civil service towards reducing youth unemployment, in sports, the Real Madrid Football Academy has been established to combine education and football towards addressing youth development and grooming of future stars.

In the health sector, there is now a Mother/Child Hospital to address antenatal and pediatric health issues while a Cancer/Cardiovascular Disease Centre is about to be established in Rivers state.

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The last six years of Governor Wike’s administration have flown by with astonishing speed, but one enduring constant in the passing years has been his bold, firm, courageous, determined, and unwavering commitment to selfless and patriotic service and all these will be followed with continuity.

The roadmap to kick-start the reconstruction and rehabilitation of Rivers State had been laid down in the inauguration address on May 29, 2015, and in a similar fashion has been handed over to me as a template to work on.

In protecting and defending the interest and welfare of Rivers people, Governor Wike became a legendary example for his fearless commitment to always stand on the side of the people as their champion, and his humane and benevolent spirit, especially for Rivers people has been unparalleled in the last eight years, hence his resolve to anoint a man who shares same beliefs and ideologies that will continue to put the state among the best in the country if not the best with aim of improving the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) of the state that will eventually rub off in terms of physical developments and benefits to the people of Rivers state both home and in the diaspora.

Globally, the will to maintain continuity, direction, and positive impact has proved to be the bedrock of developed nations.”

Many party faithful believe a similar model and pathway are about to be replicated in Rivers where Fubara is about to receive the leadership mantle from his principal,  who has had a positive impact on the former’s career and also shaped his future political pathway.

“Wike has overseen and been directly involved in the development of many projects in the state, and Fubara has been at his side, not only as his financial administrator but also as a subconscious political student grasping principles that made Wike into the grounded political colossus that he is today.  

Fubara has been able to observe Wike’s strategies and the effects of his projects first-hand and has been able to learn from his successes and shortcomings. This has enabled him to gain a deep understanding of political principles and the dynamics of the political landscape in the state.

As such, in the coming weeks, Fubara will become a beneficiary of Wike’s political goodwill in Rivers,” they say.