Nigeria’s leading edutech firm, ProjKonnect, has announced the launch of its digital educational application designed to create a viable pathway for personalised learning for both students and young professionals.

This is aimed at steering a paradigm shift within the Nigerian educational ecosystem in a bid to champion educational accessibility and innovation.

The strategic launch of the ProjKonnect App aims to further contribute towards the development of a new generation of Nigerian youths, particularly university undergraduates, who are equipped with the required skill sets necessary to favourably compete in the 21st century.

This is made evident as the mobile app is built to creatively incorporate a set of advanced tools which enable corporate entities to contribute to its courses in order to make them match global industry standards while also providing Nigerian youths with the opportunity to gain practical experiences upon completion of the courses.

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Commenting on the rationale behind the launch of the ProjKonnect App, Paul Ojo, chief executive officer of ProjKonnect Integrated Systems Limited, said the core goal the organisation intends to achieve revolves around uplifting the Nigerian educational standards to propel the country’s youths into strategic roles across the global scene.

“The major driving force behind the creation of the ProjKonnect App reiterates our thorough commitment, as an edutech entity, towards the advancement of the Nigerian educational sector which is solely hinged on upskilling the competencies of an average Nigerian youth.

“This aligns with our overall objective which seeks to ensure learning across our digital platforms matches either the academic or professional needs of every student nationwide. It is to this end that the app also leverages the power of artificial intelligence to effectively cater for the futuristic educational demands of Nigerian youths,” he said.

ProjKonnect transcends beyond being a generic educational platform as it utilises high-powered digital technologies to help bridge the skills gap that Nigerian youths need to be competitive in the global market.