Amid the complexities of modern business expense management, BuySimply emerges as a transformative solution. 

The cloud-based platform is powerful but easy to use, allowing businesses to manage payment, reimbursements, approval workflow, budgeting and record keeping in one place.

Inspired by the inefficiencies and vulnerabilities he observed in traditional expense management, Folu Dele-Ijagbulu, a former ExxonMobil Procurement Manager, channelled his vast expertise in engineering, risk management, and procurement to develop BuySimply.

“We are thrilled to introduce BuySimply’s cloud-based expense management platform to the market,” said Folu Dele-Ijagbulu, Chief Executive Officer of BuySimply.”

The CEO further stated “ Globally, businesses lose time and money to inefficient expense management processes but BuySimply eliminates the pain points by streamlining payment, approval workflow, budgeting, and record keeping into one unified platform. Our solution empowers organisations to regain control over their financial operations and improve efficiency, thus focusing on growth and innovation.”

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In his words “ BuySimply is a tech startup redefining expense management for the modern business landscape. BuySimply empowers businesses to handle, track, and control their expenses through an integrated solution that emphasises ease-of-use, efficiency, and security.

“ With an ethos of continuous improvement, BuySimply values co-creating its product with clients. We directly collaborate with businesses, ensuring our platform evolves to meet their changing needs. We’re constantly fine-tuning based on customer feedback, ensuring that BuySimply remains agile and relevant in addressing our clients’ challenges,” Dele-Ijagbulu added.

He adds “ BuySimply’s expense management platform caters to a wide range of industries, from startups and SMEs to multinational corporations and non-profits. The platform’s flexibility and scalability showcase its robust architecture and forward-thinking design.

As BuySimply expands its reach, businesses can look forward to a future where expense management is a seamless, integrated part of their operations.