In a heartfelt statement that resonates with the pulse of Abia State, Pascal Atuma, a distinguished Nigerian filmmaker from Iberenta Ibere in Ikwuano LGA, has commended Governor Alex Otti for his exemplary leadership in the wake of a recent tragedy. Atuma’s praise comes in light of the gruesome killing of five soldiers in Aba, an event that sent shockwaves through the community.

Atuma, a Canadian-Nigerian actor, producer, and CEO/Chairman of TABIC Record Label, known for his candid views, broke his usual silence on public officeholders to highlight Governor Otti’s proactive measures.

“In recent times, I have restrained myself from speaking about public office holders or making public my thoughts on their performances, Partisanship often overshadows objectivity in these conversations, leading nowhere,” he said.

Reflecting on his extensive travels, Atuma underscored his understanding of good leadership and its impact on society. “Having travelled the world, I understand what good leadership and encouraging followership mean to society. Today, I will break my resolution and air my thoughts on recent events in my dear state, Abia.”

The filmmaker expressed his heartbreak over the killing of the soldiers but was equally impressed by Governor Otti’s swift and compassionate response. “For the first time in a long while, I am impressed with the leadership and proactiveness shown by Governor Alex Otti. His prompt engagement with the military hierarchy, a show of compassion to the deceased families, and unequivocal condemnation of the act has helped prevent potential chaos and indiscriminate reprisals.”

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Atuma urged the governor to remain steadfast and focused, warning against the “enemies of progress in the state.” He quoted leadership expert John Maxwell, emphasizing the importance of quality leadership in guiding the state towards a brighter future.

Praising Governor Otti’s commitment to development, Atuma recounted his recent visit to Umuahia. “Traveling through the state capital last week, I was shocked at the level of improvement on the roads. From the tower entering Umuahia town to the road leading to Ikwuano that connects Akwa Ibom State to the World Bank area, everything is in better shape than ever.”

He conveyed a sense of optimism, stating, “You can see, feel, and smell that we are truly in a new dawn! Things are headed in the right direction, and we must do all in our power as followers to keep it that way.” Atuma invoked the words of industrialist Henry Ford: “You don’t have to hold a position to be a leader.”

In his concluding remarks, Atuma extended sincere condolences to the families of the deceased soldiers and the Nigerian Army. He called on the people of Abia State to be law-abiding and to support the military and police in securing the state.

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