From Charity Nwakaudu, Abuja

The Ministry of Innovation, Science, and Technology has unveiled Gazettes on the National Energy Policy and the National Energy Masterplan to tackle energy crisis in the country.

The Special Adviser to the President on Policy and Coordination and Head, Central Delivery Coordination Unit, Hadiza Bala Usman, while unveiling the Gazettes in Abuja, yesterday, described the movement as a significant milestone in addressing Nigeria’s longstanding energy crisis that has affected all aspects of the nation’s sustainable development.

She added that the National Energy Policy and the National Energy Masterplan have the potential of unlocking Nigeria’s vast energy resources by eliminating obstacles, paving way for a future powered by reliable, sustainable, and affordable energy sources.

“The Ministry of Innovation, Science, and Technology, in partnership with other key stakeholders in the energy sector has shown a strong commitment to comprehensive and lasting solutions to energy challenges” the Presidential aid stressed.

“This is directly aligned with the Presidential Priority 4 of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration—to unlock energy and natural resources for sustainable development. Today’s event signals progress in our journey toward a reliable and stable energy supply for the benefit of all Nigerians”

“We are confident that the implementation of these policies will transform lives across the nation.The current administration is fully aware of the tremendous social and economic benefits of a resilient, stable, and profitable energy sector” She added.

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“This is why the Central Delivery Coordination Unit, under my leadership, will closely monitor the timely implementation of the key roadmaps outlined in these Gazettes.”

In his remarks, the Minister of innovation, science and technology, Chief Uche Nnaji stated that the gazette will
provide ability and constancy framework in the decision making and planning processes between government and other stakeholders.

According to the Minister, the step taken by the Commission will enhance its recognition in international level while facilitating cooperation and alignment within the international standards.

“This steps taken will facilities the energy industry and promote the requisite platform for a robost consideration of the invested and prospect from transmitting to falsehood based economy to an economy driven by low carbon options” Chief Nnaji stated.

“The energy Commission of Nigeria are charged with the responsibility of strategic planning and coordination of national policies in the field of energy.” The Minister noted.

Earlier in his welcome address, the Director General Energy Commission of Nigeria, ECN, Dr Mustapha Abdullahi said the documents will address energy crisis in country by educating Nigerians on the best source to use.

“We have had different policies documents unveiled in this country but this is the first time we have crafted an implementation strategy in the Masterplan that will help the masses, stakeholders and investors to invest in energy and also advise them on the best source of energy to use” Abdullahi emphasized.

“The full solution to the energy crisis we are having if we must guarantee energy security, then we must diversify. We have so many sources of energy that is still untapped and this document is given the roadmap.