The Ebonyi State University (EBSU) has absolved Professor Amechi Uneke of the Department of English Language and Literature in the university of victimising one of her students, Ugwuka Favour Chinonye, which caused her to commit suicide last week.

The university said it was not that the late student deserved to pass the course Uneke handled and she was marked down by the Lecturer.

Vice Chancellor of the university, Professor Chigozie Ogbu, stated this at a press briefing in the university, on the suicide committed by the student and the allegation against Professor Uneke that the girl was victimised. He expressed sadness on the action Favour took and commiserated with her family.

Ogbu said what the late student would have done was to demand for re-marking of the course if she felt that she passed and was failed by Uneke and not taking her own life, describing it as unfortunate.

He said: “The university has a system where,  after exams, if a student feels that he or she is marked down or that the lecturer is victimising him or her, he has a record as to what to do.

“When a student is confident that a lecturer has deliberately marked him or her down, and that she is sure that she passed the exam, what the student does is to complain to the HOD or Dean and deserve to request for re-mark, which will be sent to the Vice Chancellor’s office, and it is usually sent to another university to re-mark and let us know. Some of them, on very rare occasions, have returned positive, and whatever the student gets here is usually what he gets from the other university after the re-mark, and that is the process.

“If, at the last exam and the late student felt that she was marked down by the lecturer, she would have complained to the Dean and asked for re-marking, and the paper would have been sent to another place for re-marking.

“But, from what is seen, it’s not that the student deserves to pass and she didn’t pass, and from the record, you will find out that this is not the only course that she didn’t pass”.

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Meanwhile, the Dean, Faculty of Humanities in the university, Professor Ngozi Emeka Nwobia, released Favour’s academic status in the school. She disclosed that the late student failed many courses from her first year to final year.

She said: “I have the certified true copy of the results of Ugwuka Favour Chinonye with the registration number; EBSU/2018/89726, for the department of English Language and Literature who registered in the year 2018/2019, and that is her first year.

In the 1st Semester, she offered nine courses out of which she failed three courses and had a CGP of 1.78.  Second semester of 1st year, she took eight courses. Out of the eight courses, she failed two and had a CGP of 1.75, thereby having a sessional CGP of 1.76.

“In 2019/2020, which is her second year, she registered a total of 10 courses and out of the 10 courses, she was absent in two courses; Intermediate English Composition (ENG 215) and Philosophy and Logic (GST 102). She was absent in the two courses. Out of the eight she wrote, she failed two. She had a GP of 1.41 in that first semester. In her second semester, she registered for 10 courses. Out of the 10 courses, she failed four and had a CGP of 1.82. Total CGPA in her second year was 1.62.

“In her first semester, third year; 2020/2021, she took a total of 10 courses and failed History of English Language (ENG 201). She also failed Advanced English Syntax (ENG 313) and African Heroic Literature (ENG 325) and she made a CGP of 1.83.

“In the year 2021/2022, she took a total of 11 courses and failed two courses making a GP of 1.83. In the second semester, she failed four courses, making a GPA of 1.18. Total CGP for the session -1.52. In her extra year, 2022/2023, she registered a total of six courses in the first semester. Out of the six courses, she passed all. In the second semester, she registered a total of six courses and failed one out of the six courses giving her a CGP of 2.84.

“After the extra year, she has outstanding courses; ENG 224, ENG 416, ENG 422. The bone of contention is ENG 416. In 2021, she scored 40 which is a fail. She took it the second time in 2022/2023 and had 21 which also failed”.

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