“Prof, it is as if I am dreaming. I do not know what to say and do to thank God for the good work he did for me through you. It was in July 2003 that I saw a strange face in my dream that gave me food and thereafter informed me that it was human flesh that he fed me with. I started vomiting in the dream and woke up still vomiting. Everybody around me was afraid. Beginning from that day I became sick mysteriously to the extent that I lost everything to treatment. For 17 years now, I have known no peace, have been in pains of a sickness that doctors could not detect. Someone assisted me to get your oil, and assisted me to do the prayers too; Daddy, I am a happy man today. I did not know that God could heal me through your oil neither did I know that a friend that owed me for long was responsible for my problem. Sir, I used the oil as you instructed me. After eight days, I noticed that my stomach was turning me and I immediately vomited exactly the same thing I ate in the dream about 17 years ago. Today, I am fully healed fit to do anything. The man noticed that I was healed and he came to apologise and asked me for forgiveness.  Secondly, my brother Nathan, the man is very down with the same sickness. I want you to help him so that he will not die, please.”

– Mr. Stanley D.O., [email protected]

“My dear brother, I am happy texting you but, please, do not publish this with my contact. The problem was about my promotion. I was demoted for no just cause. Someone alleged something against me in my office and my principal believed her and demoted me. I suffered so much and was humiliated by people that used to respect me. They all laughed at me. I thought of committing suicide but my wife encouraged me and I got assistance from my pastor, too. I continued managing, going to work, until one day, my younger sister in the same office introduced me to your column. I read it and contacted you and you instructed me to order some bottles of your oil and do the prayer for my own freedom. I did as you instructed; two weeks after the prayer, I noticed that the countenance of our superior began to change towards me for good. He called me and asked me to repeat exactly what happened before I was demoted. I explained to him and, that same day, he ordered that I should be reinstated with another promotion higher than the previous one. I am so happy that it happened that way as I am now in charge. God bless you richly.”

– Engr. Wale T.M. (contact withheld)

If fake men of God have at one time or the other in your life used sand for prayers, it means you may have contacted demons and have via same process become their slave. You are only free if you have received Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. If not, you are already dead while living. The bible says, “Therefore there is no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus” (Rom 8:1).

I have already discussed the after-effect of bathing in the river as a means of solving one’s problem in this column. Now you may in the process of seeking for solution, a ‘prophet’ gives you a special soap to bath with, so that your man or woman could love you the more. You may receive your heart’s desire, but the forces of darkness within the water realm will transform the foam of the soap into a spiritual net and with this said net you will be covered, dominated and manipulated by the prince of darkness and his agents. The soap as well is used to introduce some elements of darkness into your body. This subtle element would gradually metamorphose to a moving object inside your body.

In the gospel of John 14:6, Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life, no man cometh unto the father but by me.” Now, the understanding evident in the forgoing statement can only be recognized from the realm of profound spiritual consciousness transcending the limited faculty of mental speculation. Yes, mere mental speculation on the contents of Holy Scriptures cannot advance the human spirit in the true worship of the Almighty God. Let’s face the reality!

If an agent of darkness instructs you to  pray and chant your  beads or chaplets and by calling the names of dead saints like St. Paul, St. John and others, let it be known to you that you can contact higher demons who will act certain cosmic but religious drama on you. This is going on from time to time in various centers in order to delude humanity. This is not good at all.

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A ‘prophet’ may use a cross to pray for you. You need to know that many talisman and amulets are used in the form of a cross even with a carved image of ‘Christ’. When you receive prayers with such things, you are indirectly receiving a mark of destruction and initiation into the realm of blind or garden witches.

Through such prayers an agent of darkness can project some demonic elements into you. Jesus is the only way to God and not a cross or calling on the names of saints  (1 Tim 2:5). Do not misunderstand me here because I am speaking from experience guided by creed.

Dear reader, I wish to bring to your knowledge that drawing a line on the ground while praying, using eggs to pray in one way or the other, using salt, leaves, bark of tree, sugar, milk, bread, groundnuts, beads, roads, rings, clothes, pigeons for ‘spiritual assignment’ or calling the names of angels and saints while praying are diverse ways of contacting the powers of darkness. These are also ways by which you can be kept under the constant contact of the devil.

Those who seek solution outside our lord and saviour Jesus Christ shall never fail to gnash their teeth in pain; this is consequent upon the fact that every solution one conceives outside Christ, the same shall be a contact point for acceleration of your predicament in the world of man.

There are warnings, I mean biblical warnings, inherent in receiving anything outside Christ. The Bible says, “For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers, all things were created by him and for him” (Col. 1 :16). The biblical assertion authenticates the fact that Christ is the head of principalities and powers. If Christ is the head, why do you consider it necessary receiving assistance from lower principalities while the head is the Alpha and Omega?

This is where many Christians fall because they do not recognize the sole ultimate head of creation and render services to him through the authority of the Holy Bible. Man’s failure in this connection has greatly increased his sorrows and has made him to beg for bread in the midst of plenty.

Like the prodigal son who became a beggar in another city while his father was a king. So many souls are in the same condition like that of the prodigal son and the only solution is for them to come back to their consciousness by the realisation of the one and only true God.