“Prof. thanks a lot for being there for many of us. I have been experiencing hardship and satanic attacks both in family and in my personal life. So when I ordered your oil and prayed as you directed me, to my surprise, three birds died in my house within the period of my prayer. One of the birds died at the window of my bedroom another died at the front of my sitting room while the last one died at my wife’s kitchen. One of my sisters that informed me that she has been experiencing frequent visitation of bees in her husband’s house, when I gave her the oil, she was so happy to notice that the bees vanished away and never visited again. Now my joy and breakthrough are fully restored. Thank you, sir. 

– Apostle Lucky 08023839483

“I am Mr. Uzoka, a native of Nsukka in Enugu State. As I send this mail to you sir, I feel so happy because God has proved to be God in my case through the use of your anointing oil. It all started when I opened a small company to add to my personal business as a banker. I was doing very well until I employed a man to head my business. He finally frustrated me and mismanaged my funds. When I discovered it, I sacked him and never bothered myself about him. The young man went on to plan so many evils against me. I lost my good job for what I did not know about, sickness that could not be diagnosed and detected in any medical laboratory made my life worthless. As a result, I was introduced to a fake man of God who took undue advantage of my case and manipulated me. Though when I met him he healed me with his occult power, but I was not recalled to my job. He told me of the need to make sacrifices with black dog, casket and all that, I was amazed and left him in anger. He brought back the whole sickness to me with his evil powers and I lived in fear. I tried other men of God but could not get result and was about going back to him before someone gave me your article; I read it and contacted you, when you introduced me to your oil, I ordered it and followed your instructions, the entire sickness disappeared and I became healed. Today, the manager has confessed to me and has asked for forgiveness. I have forgiven him but God is still dealing with him. I was also recalled to my job. God who has done this through you be praised.”

– Mr. Ben E. Uzoka, [email protected]

As said earlier, a Garden Witch is a man or a woman whose body is simultaneously used for witchcraft operation or experiment. Such a person may not be aware of the manipulation by the fake prophet. He may be a weak Christian who speaks in tongues and goes to church regularly. The Biblical instruction evident in Exodus 22:18 that “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live” is solely not for this group of garden witches. If you are under any form of manipulation of witches and wizards as a Christian, examine yourself and know where you have gone wrong.

These groups of witches also have their own process of undergoing initiation. This initiation, however, does not place them on the same stead with a real witch rather it enables the real witch to use them for any exercise of their choice. At the same time, he is kept in the prison of witchcraft operation. This initiation is another way of setting a mark of destruction of witchcraft manipulation in the life of the fellow.

There are many ways through which one can receive or undergo Garden initiation of witchcraft. An agent of darkness operating his sanctum as a Christian church may initiate some people into the Garden witchcraft and consequently keep them in the prison of demonic manipulation through fruits, bread, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink, groundnut, biscuit, etc, that is offered to them. The same can also do so through administering prayers by any means to the person. The moment one undergoes this initiation, he becomes nothing but a mere (playground) food or meat for the powers of darkness and as a result, the fellow suffers many things in the hand of witches.

I have extensively written and published this article in order to advance the human race to enable man know who his enemies are. Yes, this article is designed to awaken our understanding in the right path for us to be able to identify who is who in the body of Christ and in other spiritual, mystical and metaphysical centers. It is my intention to expose all the workers of iniquity by freeing some men and women hitherto held sway by demonic agents.

By the grace of God, I  shall begin to talk on “How to cancel, defer or postpone death” by next week, a topic that must generate interest and controversy. Keep a date with The Reformer.

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Now on the issue of false solution, I wish to once again inform my readers that any solution one receives outside Christ, the same shall be a source of constant predicament; this happens whether the person is aware of it or not. Recently, I talked to a wealthy man from one bank in Abuja. The big banker had a serious problem with a manager in one of his companies. The manager of his company was dismissed for mismanagement of money. Being an evil man, he met an agent of darkness who started working against the banker. They were out to ruin the man’s life. The agent of darkness seriously worked against the banker in so many ways.

Problems of life, well manipulated by agents of darkness, stormed the banker’s life. They took the man’s name to strong witches and wizards who made life meaningless to him. The banker became confused to the extent that he lost hope as a result, became sick due to different psychic projection set in motion by the dismissed manager and his cohorts that wanted him dead at all cost. The banker on his own met a man who promised to heal him and restore his glory and wealth. Unfortunately, the man he met was an agent of darkness who is still operating his occult sanctum as a Christian church. The banker received ‘solution’ from him and as a result was set free but he was not free indeed. The Bible says, “If the son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed” John 8:36.

The banker rejoiced due to the solution he received and started attending fellowship in the same place. He was of the false conviction that such solution was permanent and lived in that awareness until he was made to realize by his priest  the need to consolidate his freedom with some sacrifices, one of which was to be done with the blood of a black dog and a small casket to bury a cat alive at midnight. All of these were to be done in Jesus’ name. Oh, what a deception!

Following the above, the Bible observes, “For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel, for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness, whose end shall be according to their works” 2 Cor. 11:13-15.

The above biblical assertion authenticates the fact that there are false apostles masquerading here and there with their various religious titles in order to attract those with the problems of life. I warn as I have always warned, beware!

The banker upon hearing the sacrifices to perform in order to consolidate his freedom became exasperated and left the ‘church.’ Two days after he left, the sickness returned and more was added to foster his immediate death by the false apostle. This continued until he was given some of my articles. He managed to read it and consequently put a call across to me. The first day I spoke with him, I thought he would not live to see the following day. I ministered to him on phone and humbly implored him to order for the anointing oil, which he did without delay.

As he started using it, many things happened to him as is reflected in the testimony above in this column today. The testimony of Brother Uzoka B.E is the one I am talking about. He used the oil and became divinely healed and was set free by God. Today he has returned to his usual banking business and the man who did it is receiving his own part of the punishment as indicated above in line with the spiritual principal of back to sender.

The point I am making is that God has a way of doing things and no man can question Him. The glory of God is the right usage of his name in warfare. God should not be blamed if you fail to make good effort to come out of your problems. The devil will make you to procrastinate in order to consolidate his nefarious objective in your life. You have an opportunity of getting out of that problem right now by following the right path.