There was panic in  Ibadan Oyo state South West Nigeria as a very loud explosion  jolted the serenity of the state capital

Unverified videos online had also shown a dusty cloud and burning houses and cars.

Several persons have been wounded in Adeyi, Awolowo Avenue, Ibadan, prompting local residents to urgently call on security agencies and emergency services for assistance in the  State.

The  explosion had shaken the entire city Ibadan, prompting residents to hastily seek refuge for their lives and belongings. While the extent of the damage remains uncertain,

Witnesses  describe the blast as deafening, raising concerns about its potentially severe consequences

A University of Ibadan student, who spoke with our correspondent on the telephone said, “It is true. We all heard the sound and it was very loud. The cloud is cloudy with smoke. it happened at Bodija and we in the UI area could see the smoke. Even those at Sango and Ojo heard the sound. In fact, we are all in a room scared for our life”

An X user, @WillieWinehouse tweeted, “A f***ing bomb just exploded in Ibadan! My entire house and street are in ruins!! What is going on!!”

Motunrayo Adegboro, another resident of Barika, about 15 minutes away from the site of the blast in Ibadan confirmed the incident to our correspondent on Tuesday night.


Details later