From Charity Nwakaudu, Abuja

The Hydroelectric Power Producing Areas Development Commission (HYPPADEC) has said that host communities would enjoy more projects from the commission this year.

HYPPADEC Chairman Barr Joseph Terfa Ityav stated this at the ninth Governing Council Meeting held in Abuja on Tuesday.

He stressed that, although there is no community in the HYPPADEC areas that have not benefited from the commission, more should be expected this year.

We have already captured most of the projects in our budget. our budget this year is based mainly on the design of our medium-term strategic plan. We have not set projects outside the medium-term plan and medium term plan captured key sectors of education, energy, infrastructure, agriculture, entrepreneurship and all the projects we have set in place to carry out in this accounting year based on the cost sector that is captured in a medium-term strategic plan.

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“We have been able to execute projects in almost every community of HYPPADEC. And we believe that based on the plan that we have on the ground now, we’ll be able to take more projects to the host communities.

“As you can recall the major function of HYPPADEC is to improve the living standards of communities within the HYPPADEC states.

We have started on a good note, we’ve tried to take projects to every committee of HYPPADEC based on enumeration exercises that have been carried out in the past and with a medium-term strategic plan that will have a roadmap of what we want to do. So this ninth method is to strategise and make sure that every HYPPADEC community is captured in what we do.

The Managing Director, Abubakàr Sadiq Yelwa, in his remarks, said the commission would give more attention to erosion control and transportation infrastructure this year.

“I think we are going to pay specific attention to erosion control, transportation and infrastructure, especially the provision of fairies and high bulk goods conveying ships along the communities. These are some of the major challenges that the communities are facing, which we have not addressed so far,” he said.