“I would definitely like to know what’s going on in that beautiful head of yours mio cara, mi rendi felice ho, bisogno di te, baciami,” he said in Italian meaning ‘you make me happy, I need you, kiss me’. Rick started walking towards me, his intention clearly written on his face.

I quickly stood up and backed off towards the bathroom door as he advanced; excitement and confusion itched on my face as my heart threatened to beat right out of my chest. “Miss Tobs, I am sorry for interrupting but you have often said when it has to do with the ‘Janes’ I must inform you immediately.

Georgina will like to see you and she says it is urgent,” Debbie, my Secretary said looking away in embarrassment from my no doubt dishevelled appearance. “Saved by your Secretary,” Rick whispered in my ears before letting me go, sending shivers down my spine. “Be ready for 7.00pm tonight, we are having dinner,” he said in his usual arrogant fashion with complete disregard for Debbie’s presence, my time or activity for later in the day.

He was gone within seconds after planting a swift kiss on my parted lips as I made to protest. Debbie later ushered in poor Georgina (not real name) who was already in tears.

You must be wondering who ‘the Janes’ are, they are the female victims of domestic violence; the support group is run anonymously so the female victims do not disclose names, age, location, work etc and so are considered “Jane Dough’s like in the American movies; a person without identity while the male counterparts are ‘John Dough’s. “Georgina, what is the matter?” I asked in concern as I led her to my sofa. “He threatened to kill himself in front of my Sister’s house today if I don’t return back to his house,” she said in between sobs. “What!” I exclaimed.

This is a new twist to this charade; from threat of acid bath, to kidnapping, now this? Georgina’s husband is truly a sick man and I will deal with him, I vowed silently. ‘It’s ok sweet, you are safe with me now,” I said soothingly.

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It is time to go on the offence; I am tired of doing defence. Georgina stayed a while, crying intermittently as she poured out her heart. Things are definitely not going to continue like this, I mused as I went home that evening after dropping Georgina off.

When I got home Kaycee was waiting outside for me. “Kaycee is anything the matter?” I asked in concern. “Yes Tobs, I tried calling the girls today to apologise for the other day but surprisingly they all seemed ‘busy’, no one wants to talk to me. I know I was wrong but how does avoiding me help?” She asked tearfully.

I sighed in tiredness; I had just been through a gruelling emotional upheaval; what with Rick then Georgina, now this? I am beginning to think my life is on a roller coaster. I can’t seem to have a minute of calm and tranquillity. “Alright come in,” I said in resignation.

What was the point, it was better to deal with the issue from the root so it doesn’t become a festering wound that will eventually consume us all. As soon as Kaycee and I were settled in my room, I put a call through to the girls and asked to see them urgently in my house, thankfully they all obliged.

I had just come out of the bathroom when Bola and Zara strolled in, “So to what do we owe this impromptu invite?” Zara asked sarcastically when she saw Kaycee sitting by the window in my room. “You will know in a minute,” I said quietly. Bola went to sit at the opposite side of the room barely giving Kaycee a glance. I looked at the set faces in the room and sighed heavily realising this was going to be a tough one and Jasmine was yet to join us. “Hey, my choco-latte Princess, what’s going on? Your royal summons sounded serious so here I am kid, what’s up?” Jasmine teased looking hot in denim bum shorts, a pink check shirt knotted in front and one of the most beautiful pink boots I have ever seen.

Jasmine stopped in her tracks as she saw the other girls and Kaycee by the window. “I also see that it isn’t anything serious, if you will excuse me I will like to remove my ‘mannizing’ self from this room. I have a hot date tonight and as you can see I am all set for my date,” Jasmine said with a pout. This is definitely going to be harder than I thought; I could see worry lines itched all over Kaycee’s face. I took a deep breath and plunged in; I thanked all the ladies for honouring my invite at such short notice in spite of the fact that it was 72 hours to the gubernatorial and state assembly elections