By Rita Okoye

There has been excitement within the entertainment industry, triggered by the announcement of the earnest desire of upcoming video director, Big Jonz, to collaborate with legendary video directors Clarence Peters and TG Omori.

Known for his innovative approach and captivating visual storytelling, Big Jonz believes that a partnership with Peters and Omori would not only be a significant milestone in his career but also a fusion of creative minds capable of redefining the music video landscape. Big Jonz’s ambition to collaborate with Peters and Omori, both of whom have set unparalleled standards in video direction, underscores his commitment to excellence and innovation in the field.

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“This is more than just a collaboration, it’s a meeting of minds, each with a unique vision for the future of music videos,” said Big Jonz.

“Clarence Peters and TG Omori are pioneers who have inspired countless creatives, myself included. Working alongside them would be an incredible opportunity to blend our visions and push the boundaries of what’s possible in visual storytelling.”

The entertainment industry eagerly awaits the potential collaboration, anticipating the fusion of classic and modern visual storytelling techniques that could emerge from this creative alliance.