By  Charly Udeh

It is becoming obvious and dawning on the doubting Thomases, particularly the opposition, that the choice of Barr. Peter Ndubuisi Mbah and Barr.  Ifeanyi Ossai as PDP governorship candidate and running mate is a masterstroke, perfect match and divine choice. That is why since the conclusion of the PDP governorship primaries,  the frayed nerves which is not unexpected in every electoral contest have been calmed. Majority of the party’s governorship aspirants and their supporters have accepted the outcome of the exercise and pledged support for Mbah and the party in the elections.

Meanwhile, from the time PDP governorship candidate, Mr. Mbah and his running mate, Ossai commenced the just-concluded thank-you tour of the 17 council areas in the state to thank the party faithful for their support, members of the opposition parties in the state, especially the Labour Party, which has been jittery, rattled and perturbed.

But why won’t they be perturbed, when it has  dawned on them that their social media campaigns and propaganda cannot give them the desired results. Their  fears and anxieties are understandable,  especially considering the rowdy welcome and mammoth crowd that usually receive Mbah and Ossai with their entourage in every local government they visited.      

Without mincing words, the political development, which has shown the dominance and strong presence of PDP in the state is rattling the opposition,  who thought that elections will be fought and won on social media platforms in 2023.  Also of worry and concern to them is the stream of solidarity and courtesy visits by various non- governmental groups, communities and well meaning individuals to Government House, Enugu to thank Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi for the peaceful primaries, his good governance and sterling performance in office. Several attempts and moves by them  to discredit on social media the thank-you tour of local  government areas by Mbah/ Ossai and solidarity visits to Governor Ugwuanyi in Government House have proved abortive. The more they dissipate energies to discredit it,  the more acceptance, momentum and prominence the tours and thank-you visits gain. 

One wonders why the oppositions are so concerned and fixated about the tour and solidarity visits, instead of minding their own political business. Why their pretence of not being jittery, when thier fears and worries are glaring? It is a fact that the opposition are not truly on ground in the state. They are only existing on paper and busy on social media platforms, rantings and misyarnings, forgetting that social media platforms are not polling units.

They are not ready for the elections, because they are not prepared for anything. If they are, they should not be relying on failed PDP aspirants and substitutions of candidates to get candidates for the elections. They should not be parading and celebrating failed and rejected PDP aspirants as their candidates and heroes. This is unlike PDP that was over flocked by many aspirants before, during and after the primaries. The truth is that the oppositions in Enugu, particularly the social media and propaganda-driven Labour Party (LP ) in Enugu is rattled by the PDP’s choice of Mbah and Ossai as the governorship candidate and running mate. Both are men of means, competence and outstanding trackrecord. By looks, size and action intellect, the PDP governorship candidate,  Mbah and his running mate, Ossai are like siamese twins. They sleep and wake the same idea and focus. Listening to their ideas and plans for the state will convince even a dullard that they mean well and have capacity and genuine plans to consolidate on the good works of Governor Ugwuanyi in the state. This has been confirmed and attested to during their  recent thank-you tour of the local government areas, where they interacted briefly with party faithful and the people.

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Coincidentally and fortunately, the duo of Mbah and Ossai are lawyers, who have paid their dues before offering themselves for public office. Both had overseas and local education and exposure. They are imbued with equanimity, humility, taciturnity and calmness. They are grassroots-oriented and understand the challenges and possible solutions to the immediate needs of the people. Mbah has tasted political office before. Despite the perks and lucres that come with it, Mbah refused to hang on. He left to start life in a private sector from the scratch. This is a rare decision among politicians. That was how Mbah,  by sheer diligence, Midas touch and sacrifice built the Pinnacle Oil and Gas from one studio room to a major player in downstream oil sector noiselessly and within a very short time.

With cognate and immeasurable experience in public and private sectors, then back to public office again, Mbah is a man to watch. 

His slogan “Tomorrow Is Here” is a good sign of his preparedness and readiness for the plum job of governorship. His strong thought and belief in the concept of  disruptive innovations for quick and enduring development simply  means that Enugu will witness rapid and creative development under his watch. Ossai on the other hand is a strategic leader, servant leader and team player. He is a man of panache and finesse. Just like Mbah, Ossai is is a gentleman from sole to crown, who prefers working from behind to achieve result. He is always a man behind the mask, very humble and unassuming.

It is not surprising that since the pairing of the duo by the PDP as their governorship candidate and running mate,  oppositions especially the Labour Party members who are mostly failed and rejected PDP aspirants and members have been having sleepless nights. Instead of focusing and concentrating on marketing their borrowed and defected aspirants from PDP, who are now their candidates for the elections, the disgruntled PDP aspirants turned Labour Party candidates overnight and their paperweight paymasters from Nsukka axis have been busy and angrily attacking Governor Ugwuanyi and PDP on social media for not supporting their preferred aspirants to emerge as PDP candidates.

This is enough evidence that the briefcase opposition, especially the Labour Party with all their presence on social media platforms are not ready and prepared for the 2023 elections in Enugu state. Obviously Labour Party members in Enugu are chasing shadows and building castles in the air ahead of 2023 general elections. Enugu is PDP and PDP is Enugu.

Udeh writes from Ogui Road, 

Enugu State