The Ezendigbo of Mekong River in South East Asia, HRH Eze (Amb.) Jerome Uzochukwu Ezeneche ( Eze Nwatagwuosimiri ) has commended Nigerian youths and their counterparts in the Diaspora for their bravery and gallantry in standing up for their right amidst crackdown from the security forces which unfortunately has resulted in the deaths of some of them.

In a statement made available from Thailand, Ezeneche said the youths have made history that would forever remain in the hearts of Nigerians. He however lamented that while the youths are peacefully going about their demonstrations, some hoodlums, who attempted to sow seed of discord engaged in looting. He added that despite the attitudes of this bad eggs, Nigerians knew the truth that the peaceful youths were not responsible for the carnage.

In his reaction to president Muhammadu Buhari’s speech, Ezeneche said the Federal government should immediately begin to implement their resolutions as requested by the youths. “From what I saw on the internets, our youths are very angry. When you look at their requests, it is for the goodness of all incliding the law enforcement agencies”, he said.

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On reports about people breaking into ware house to loot Ca COVID-19 foods, Ezeneche said this is indication that Nigerians are hungry

The royal father who has spent millions to provide paliatives for Nigerians at home and in the Diaspora wondered why food meant for the citizens would be locked up somewhere while the people languished in poverty.

While singling out Nigerians from Mekong, United States, Europe and Africa for their support, Ezeneche appealed to the youths to give the Federal Government some times to implement their demands.