By Christy Anyanwu

Agbada is one traditional outfit prominent among the Yoruba. It is an outfit worn for special occasions like traditional wedding, royal coronation and chieftaincy installation, and even naming ceremonies. Designers of this elegant outfit have also raised their game, to make it more grandiose with application of stylish accessories and embellishments.

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Agbada fabrics are carefully selected and are mostly hand-woven. It can be made from aso-oke, velvet, damask, adire and any material that shows the richness of Nigerian culture. 

“The aso oke are woven as instructed by our weavers to produce a timeless piece that has the touch of royalty and made premium while the damask fabrics are selected carefully, to make the person wearing it stand out”, says Lasisi Olubunmi, the creative director of Blackadudu.