From Okwe Obi, Abuja

Some chieftains of the People’s Democratic party (PDP) in Ekiti State, have frowned upon the factionalisation of the party.

They complained that certain individuals were causing confusion by suggesting that the State Chairman position, which should be traditionally held by the South Senatorial district, in the coming State Congress, should be denied in favour of another district for the Party’s 2026 governorship candidacy.

These were contained in a communique titled: ‘There is no need to blow a minor issue out of proportion, as eminent leaders from Ekiti South Haven cautioned against party factionalisation.’

The communique was signed by Professor Olusola Eleka, a former Deputy Governor and the PDP Governorship Candidate in 2018, Adesegun Adekola, a former member, House of Representatives, Bar Kolapo Kolade (SAN), a former State Attorney General and the Deputy Governorship Candidate in 2022, and 17 others.

“We are dismayed by the misinterpretation and unnecessary concern surrounding the initiatives of the State Working Committee. We question the basis for this unwarranted worry.

“It is well within the purview of the Party rules for the State Working Committee to propose, develop, and make decisions for the Party, with the provision that such decisions are subject to approval during the State Executive Committee meeting.

“The State Working Committee has proactively addressed the issue of allocating state positions within the Party, following the established tradition of rotational or swapping of positions in the State. This decision is subject to ratification by the State Executive Committee.

“The unrest and concern caused by the SWC’s decision seem to stem from ulterior motives and selfish interests of some individuals. It is important to recognise that the decision can be refined, adjusted, or modified by the State Executive Committee.

“Adhering to the Party’s tradition of rotating positions is not misguided, and the State Working Committee’s alignment with this tradition in their decision is commendable.

“It has come to our attention that certain individuals are deliberately causing confusion by suggesting that the State Chairman position, which should be traditionally held by the South Senatorial district, in the coming State Congress,should be denied in favour of another district for the Party’s 2026 governorship candidacy.

“It is important to clarify that the Party chairman’s position should not influence the Party’s candidate selection process.

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“If this matter is indeed under consideration, the State Executive Committee should officially confirm whether the State Chairman position, that should typically be held by the South Senatorial district, will be conceded to another district for the 2026 governorship candidacy.

“All members would be expected to adhere to the decision made by the Committee.

“The notion of leveraging the State Chairman position, typically held by the South, to hinder the South Senatorial district’s opportunity to produce the State Governor is deemed deceitful and based on false premises.

“Nevertheless, we remain optimistic that sound judgment will prevail during the State Executive Committee meeting, leading to the peaceful resolution of these issues without unnecessary disruptions caused by self-serving interests.

“And we must say that It is disappointing that a meeting of the South Senatorial district was convened without the participation of key stakeholders, including ourselves from the State representing the Senatorial district.

“We suspect that this exclusion was intentional and question the motives behind convening the meeting.

“It is important to acknowledge that certain individuals listed in the said Communique release by a group of South Senatorial leaders have refuted their presence at the meeting.

“In light of their denial and lack of awareness regarding the meeting’s proceedings, including their names in the context of a meeting they did not attend, participate in, or have knowledge of, apart from noticing it through public circulation, raises questions about the motivation behind such inclusion.

“It can be further stated with clarity that Chief Femi Tijani, the current Chairman of the South Senatorial district, and Hon.Ojo Temitope Sunday, the current Ise/Orun LGA Party Chairman,both undersigned in this response to the aforementioned South Senatorial district Communique, has distanced themselves from the Communique in question.

“Their names were included without our involvement or prior notification.

“We extend our appreciation to the State Working Committee and its Chairman for their dedication and proactive steps in revitalising the Party.

“We commend them for their bravery and entrust their endeavours to God, with the hope that they will leave a lasting positive impact during their tenure, which is approaching its conclusion in the coming months,” the communique read.