Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State, on Monday evening, alleged that the All Progressives Congress (APC) has brought hundreds of thugs to saturate all hotels in Ekiti with an alleged plan to cause problems at both the polling units and collation centres during the July 14 poll.

Governor Fayose alleged further that the thugs were allegedly hired by APC governors from neighbouring states and they would be given cover to cause problems during the July 14 poll in polling units and collation centres with a view to give APC room to manipulate the poll.

Governor Fayose also alleged that the APC in cohorts with Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), have written results for the July 14 poll, particularly in Ado-Ekiti, the state capital with highest votes, Ikere, second largest city with votes and some rural areas.

He quoted the figures allegedly written by APC and INEC, saying : APC and INEC have already apportioned figures as predetermines results they would declare after the poll. In Ado Ekiti for example, the apportioned  237,27 for APC, and 14,853 for PDP, and did the same for Ikere and many  other local government areas, ” he said.

Alleging further, governor Fayose said: “It is with great concern that I want to update the nation and international community that Ekiti is already saturated by thugs of APC which we believe the security agents would provide cover for during polls.

“Our hotels in Ekiti are jam packed with various thugs who are coming to cause problems at the polling and collation centres. They are going to get police cover and will cause mayhem during polls. Because APC had already written results in nine local government areas of Ekiti State.

“We urge the security agents to do  everything it can to ensure peaceful election, shooting and intimidating people at collating and voting centres will not augur well with us in this state.

” I want ask and plead with the security agencies to allow Ekiti people to make their choice of next governor in peace. The level of desperation by the APC in Ekiti is second to none. We will not look away and allow our rights to be taken way.

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“I call on Ekiti people to remain resolute and strong, we must follow them bumper to bumper and not allow them to rig the election. The power of the people is greater those of us in power. I call on the Federal Government to disallow any act that can set this state on fire.

“l want to call on the police to check the activities of the thugs before the poll is either canceled or be marred by thugs and violence. In most of the rural areas they intend to strike.

“I want to tell them that this is going to be an uphill task. I urge you Ekiti to remain firm, 99 percent of others coming as security or INEC officials and thugs for the election are not Ekiti people, the next governor is going to govern Ekiti, so leave us alone. Don’t bring mayhem to Ekiti.

“The thugs are sponsored by neighbouring governors to win the July 14 poll by all cost.  You can only know beginning of war not its ending.

We urge all parties that the only thing we want is peace and not violence, we don’t want INEC to rig for APC or PDP, we want transparent election for people to elect governor of their choice” he said.