The Muslim faithful have called for tolerance and peaceful co-existence among citizens as they observe the commemoration of the birthday anniversary of the Holy Prophet Muhammad.

Some of the faithful in separate interviews told thé News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Tuesday, that all citizens should emulate the lifestyle of peace as exhibited by the holy Prophet Muhammad.

Mr Kola Ajayi, a civil servant said that Islam “is a religion of peace which abhorred evil.

”The holy Prophet who we are celebrating his birthday anniversary today is a man of peace.

“Islam does not encourage senseless bloodletting and killing of innocent and helpless people.

“Those that are perpetrating these evil acts are not Muslims who the law should fish out and deal with.

”Government should do all it can to bring these criminals to book and provide more security for the populace.

“Since I was born until now we live as good neighbours with non-muslims, we celebrate all seasons together in joy and harmony.”

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He urged all citizens to join hands with the government to ensure the security of lives and properties.

Mr Jubrin Ibrahim, another respondent and a businessman said that the celebration encouraged peace and oneness among citizens.

Ibrahim called on citizens not to be suspicious of one another but live together in trust and genuine love.

“If we love one another, it will be difficult for any politician or evil-minded people to influence us to harm one another.

“So the key thing that this celebration signifies is love; when there is love, there will be peace and when there is peace there will be progress.

“Government should do more on security. I believe if everywhere is secured, even the prices of goods and services will be reduced because there will be a safe movement for entrepreneurs,” Ibrahim said.

Also, Hajia Amudat Aremu, a Muslim faithful, also said that Allah does not take pleasure in the killing of innocent people or looting of properties.

According to her, real Muslims are peacemakers who seek the good of others and encourage good co-existence.

She reiterated the need for Muslims to show love to people of other religions for the continuous progress and development of the nation.