From Fred Ezeh, Abuja

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, has advised former Imo state governor, Rochas Okorocha, alongside his family members not to be discouraged by the current “political prosecution” they are undergoing, describing it as the lot of conscientious politicians.

Wike disclosed to Okorocha that he has equally prepared himself for similar travails after the end of his tenure as Rivers State Governor in 2023, suggesting that Okorocha continue to pursue his vision of a new Nigeria as his present challenges are meant to dampen his spirit and force him to abandon his ambition.

Wike who spoke at a dedication of Uche Nwosu’s son (Okorocha’s grandson), noted that the kind of political battle Okorocha and his wife had been through could cause them to rely on God and not on their strength.

He said: “political prosecution will come, especially after you have left office. So, what you’re going through is not peculiar to you. I know they will come after me when I leave office but am prepared, ready for them.

“Be strong and put your trust in God. I was looking around to see Governors at this event but none was around. If Uche Nwosu or yourself was still governor, you would have seen a lot of governors here. Life is like that. For me now, I don’t even live in the government house, I have parked out, even though I still have two more years, I am tired so I had to leave.

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“We have a system that is not doing well. Many people don’t like the truth, and that is why they don’t like me. You said this is APC hall, I came here I didn’t see any APC member. Today, I’ve converted it to Christian hall. The way I do my thing, nobody can stop me or tell me who can be my friend.

“Nobody in this country can tell me where to go, nobody!. I came close to you because you no longer in power. I want to learn the experience of those who are no longer in power, so that by the time it gets to me I will be used to it.

“Owelle is facing alot of crisis, it is not easy to pass through these crisis. I want to encourage you and your son-in-law to be strong. If it doesn’t happen like this, you won’t know that God loves you. You will go through these battles for you to know that there is God. We have passed through these battles and we are still waiting to pass through them again.”

The Rivers governor commended Nwosu and his wife, Uloma, for organising Church Service to dedicate their son to God, adding that the reason he has survived several fierce political battles was because he had never stopped giving thanks to God.

Wike however explained that his coming for the child dedication was devoid of politics or political affiliation, adding that his relationship with Senator Okorocha, who is a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), started in 1999 when he was the chairman of Obio-Akpor Local Government Area of Rivers State.

“I’ve known Okorocha since 1999 when I was Chairman of council. I didn’t know him today, so I don’t, because of politics or whatever it is, abandon people. It is my character to always keep my friendship with people. It is not based on party or politics. Friendship is friendship”, Wike stated.