In a stirring display of civic engagement, the city of Benin witnessed a remarkable series of shifts in political allegiance, underscoring the dynamic nature of democratic processes. Notably, Hon. Lucky Obiyan, a gubernatorial hopeful under the Labour Party banner and a prominent figure within the ‘Obidient Movement’, convened a press conference at Olive Place, Akenzua Road. There, he articulated his decision, alongside his supporters, to chart a distinct course separate from the candidacy of Barr. Olumide Akpata in the forthcoming 2024 Edo Governorship Elections.

Hon. Obiyan’s stance was rooted in his principled objection to what he termed the opaque conduct of the recent party primaries in Edo State. Emphasizing the non-partisan nature of the Obidient Movement, he asserted, “We owe it to the public to clarify that the Obidient Movement transcends partisan affiliations. The values we espouse are incompatible with the discrepancies witnessed within the Edo Labour Party.”

Simultaneously, another faction, the Edo Obidient Movement, convened to express their unwavering allegiance to Peter Obi while lamenting the missed opportunity for the Labour Party to emerge as a viable alternative to the dominant political forces in the state.

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Speaking at the NUJ Secretariat in Benin City, Mr. Ikhuenbor Figo, the group’s spokesperson, conveyed their collective disillusionment with the party’s internal processes and leadership. However, rather than a denouncement, their statement was a call to action, urging for reforms to restore credibility and competitiveness within the Labour Party.

In a remarkable turn of events, members of the Obidient Movement made a strategic decision to align themselves with the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), buoyed by the conviction that their values and aspirations found resonance within its ranks. This move was heralded by the Edo State Commissioner for Digital Economy, Science, and Technology, Mr. Ogbeide Ifaluyi-Isibor, who hailed the influx of new members as a testament to the PDP’s capacity to deliver tangible progress.

In sum, while the exodus from the Labour Party may initially evoke consternation, it ultimately serves as a catalyst for rejuvenation and renewed optimism within the political landscape of Edo South. With a diversity of voices and perspectives converging under different banners, the forthcoming elections promise to be a vibrant showcase of democratic vibrancy and civic engagement.