Ighomuaye Lucky, Benin

The President, Penticostal Fellowship of Nigeria, (PFN), Dr. Felix Omobude, yesterday, appealed to President Muhammadu Buhari to provide a level playing field for all governorship candidates in the forthcoming Edo State governorship election.

He made the call in Benin while speaking on the issues of the nation’s insecurity.

Dr. Omobude said the people of the state are greatly in need and look forward to a peaceful election noting that the president, as a father, should put his fatherly role to bear.

“With the Edo State election, we call on the federal government and its agencies to allow a level playing ground for all actors in this election.

“Edo people want peace. There has been so much threat, there is so much act of violence. We ask the president, as the father of the nation to intervene and help lower the political tensions in Edo State.

“We are yearning for an election where every vote will count, we yearn for an election without intimidation, without snatching of ballot boxes, without killing and maiming.

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“We call on the authorities to please give us a peaceful election”, Omobude said.

The PFN president said since Buhari is not going to participate in the next presidential election in the country, he should embark on the nation’s electoral reform and add electoral fraud and corruption to his fight against corruption that he is known for in order to write his name in the sands of time as the nation’s politics has become a mere mockery before the international community.

“I want to use this opportunity to call on our president, since he will not be a candidate in the next coming election, to use the remaining aspect of his time to ensure electoral reform.

“Elections, to a great extent has become a mockery. There is a lot of corruption attached, especially most recently to Nigerian election. People go to voting centres with bags of money and of course, those who ought to check this thing they now turn their eyes the other way.

“We call on the president to add electoral fraud and corruption to the fight against corruption that he is involved in”, he said.