As date fixed by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for Edo State gubernatorial election drew closer, controversy as continued to trail how the All Progressive Congress (APC)  party’s flag bearer  will emerge.


The yet to be conducted party’s primary election has is currently generating accusations and counter accusation among party’s warlords.


Among the issue that has continued to fuel outcry ahead of the party’s primary election is the use of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s name to coax party’s member in endorsing a particular aspirant .


The recent meeting allegedly convened by Senator Adams Oshiomole in Abuja has also been linked to such act, at the meeting allegedly held at the instant of the former Edo State governor now senator, according to insider, party’s stalwarts were reportedly told to support Dennis Idahosa, an alleged controversial figure with a history of scandal.


However, Oshiomole’s alleged endorsement of Idahosa has drawn sharp criticism from several quarters.


Among the stakeholders kicking against Oshiomole’s alleged endorsement of Idahosa is the concerned Edo Indigenes for Better Governance Organisation, the group questioned the logic of Oshiomole supporting a candidate previously removed from office by himself over alleged fraud allegations.


The group condemned the move as “godfatherism” and urged Edo citizens to embrace “one man, one vote.”


To the group, Idahosa’s past as a commissioner removed from office for alleged fraud casts a long shadow over his candidacy.

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Besides, many Edo residents were also said to have remain sceptical of Idahosa’s fitness for governance, citing his involvement in “illegal operations” that have caused suffering to the state.


This scepticism is further fueled by the accusation that Oshiomole, who once denounced Idahosa, is now backing him.


A statement from Mr. Osaro Ikpomwonsa, secretary of the Concerned Edo Indigenes for Better Governance, echoed public sentiment against godfatherism and called for fair governance in Edo State.


The statement urged Oshiomole not to involve President Tinubu in the election, especially given Oshiomole’s failure to secure Edo State in the presidential election.


“Dennis Idahosa, representing Ovia South/West-Ovia North/East Federal Constituency, is embroiled in controversy, having been previously removed from his position as Commissioner for Investment under Governor Oshiomole on alleged fraud allegations. His potential candidacy has sparked widespread opposition among the youth, political figures, and the Edo diaspora, who view him as unfit for governance.


“The general perception among Edolites is that Idahosa, involved in various illegal activities, has betrayed the trust of Edo State’s citizens. The primary question remains whether the people of Edo State will endorse his candidacy despite the associated risks.


“It is both unexpected and concerning that Senator Adams Oshiomole, who once labelled Dennis Idahosa a criminal during his governorship, is now advocating for his governorship candidacy. This development is deemed intolerable and unacceptable by the people of Edo State, leading to a consensus against supporting Idahosa’s gubernatorial ambitions”, the statement read.