From Emmanuel Adeyemi Lokoja

The Ebira people living in  Bolorunduro community in Ado local government area of Ekiti State have cried to  governor Kayode Fayemi to quickly intervene in the demolition of their houses and farmlands worth millions of naira without any form of compensation.

Addressing a press conference in Lokoja  over the weekend the spoke man of the Ebira community, Isah Shaheed
said the state government had acquired over 40,000  acres of land  in Bolorunduro  community  for the construction of an airport  which affected their houses and farmlands

He said when the government came to take census of the place, they were assured that that adequate compensations would be paid for houses  and farmlands affected by the construction, but to their utmost surprise when the compensation came the Ebira people were technically excluded from the compensation

In his words:
“When they started fencing the land last year we asked them what will be the fate of farmers using the land and they told us that there will be no problem and that whenever it was time to commence work on the construction of the airport, the farmers will be given prior notice and be adequately compensated we stood by that assurance and started cultivating our portion of the land and we have planted yams, cassava , cocoa yam and even pepper.

‘But to our surprise just last month the company handling the project by name Chinese civil Engineering  construction company rolled out their earth moving equipment and started demolishing our houses and destroying our crops worth over ₦25 million

“The Ebira people farming in this community have lived there for over 100 years , our great , great grandfathers settled in this community to earn a living through farming and today we are over 2,000  in population and many of us were born and brought up in this community.

‘We are aware that if government is embarking on such project the occupants of the land will be compensated and relocated and to that effect we heard over the radio  that the state government  has released the sum of 500 million naira to  compensate the affected farmers in the community.

‘But to our surprise when the Deputy Governor of the state came to the community few months ago to  inspect the location of the airport we tried to  tender  our complaints but he  did not give us a listening ear because  they said the  compensation was limited to economic trees such as cocoa , palm  trees, banana, kolanut and  orange  farmers

‘We are surprised thay the Ebira people who  farmed  Yams, Cassava , Cocoayam and other cash crops  were not part of the compensation and relocation.

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‘As i am talking to you now, some of our houses have been demolished without any form  of compensation , we are  homeless  and our children , wives and elderly people are completely traumatised and hopeless

‘Already we are in a state of confusion because we have families to catered for and our means of livelihood had  been destroyed while we watch helplessly because we don’t have any body to assist us talk to the state government, we have been unjustly excluded from the compensation list

“As farmers we  are law abiding, we contribute often to the economic growth of Ekiti state. We pay our  taxes regularly and we give honorarium to the traditional institutions in the state on yearly basis.

“We are not claiming that  the land belong to us  but this is the community where we live for many years and cultivate the land to earn our living and training our children but suddenly we were being treated as if we are not Nigerians

“Therefore , We are appealing to President Muhammadu Buhari and  Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State to please prevail on Ekiti State Governor Dr Kayode  Fayemi to compensate us for the crops  and houses we have lost as a result of construction of the airport at Bolorunduro community” he added

Also speaking a 90 years old man by name  Mallam Abu Yahaya.  who said he was born in the community , and his  father  equally born in the community pleaded with Ekiti State government not to treat them as second class citizens

His words:
” I grew up to meet my parents farming in this community and I am dumbfounded the way and manner the present government is treating us.

“Please I am begging the Governor of Ekiti state to look into our plights with a view to assisting us otherwise many of us will face untimely deaths due to stress from  over thinking.

‘The governor should please ask whoever is in charge to pay us compensation of our crops so that we can move to another area to settle”. He  pleaded