From Noah Ebije, Kaduna

As part of efforts to rebuild Tudun Biri, the Kaduna village erroneously bombed by the military drone in December 2023, Kaduna state Governor, Uba Sani, on Tuesday flagged off construction of a 5.5 kilometers asphalt road linking the community with the Kaduna International Airport.

Also initiated by Governor Sani was the construction of a Skills Acquisition Centre and Modern Primary Healthcare Centre to serve Tudun Biri and other neighboring villages affected by the ill-fated bombing.

It will be recalled that the Governor had previously pledged to build an access road, school, hospital, and other developmental projects for the community following the unfortunate incident where about 80 villagers were killed and few others injured.

Speaking at the flag off ceremony, Governor Sani said the projects will open up development of the farming community and the road will link Tudun Biri and other neighboring communities to the markets where they can easily sell their farm produce.

According to the Governor, “Two days after the unfortunate drone accident, I promised the people of Tudun Biri that y the grace of God, we will improve the infrastructure of the village, build road for them, build hospital, as well as skills acquisition center. By the grace of God, today we are here to fulfill our promise.

“One of the most important agenda of our government is the revitalization of the rural economy. The road we are breaking ground for today, which is about 5.5kilometers, will certainly reduce the travel time of the people of this community to the town. It will also ease movement of goods.

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“Most of the people in this village are Farnese and artisans. So, the road will help them to move their produce from Tudun Biri and link them up with the markets.

“We are also doing the ground breaking for the construction of a skills acquisition center for most of the young men and women of tnis community, who are determined and willing to be financially independent, so that they can learn different skills.

“As a government, job creation is one of the most important focus of our government, because we believe, it will reduce unemployment and also reduce the poverty level in the state.

“Also, in recognition of the fact that, the communities around this area that no access to hospital. So, as to ensure that people don’t have to travel for more than one kilometer to access primary healthcare, that is why we building a hospital for them that would be fully equipped with modern equipment and personnel”.

The Governor also commended the people of Tudun Biri for their patience and cooperation with the government during and after their trying moment and promised that, the community will not be let down.

Speaking earlier on behalf of the community, the District Head of Rigasa, Alhaji Aminu Idris expressed appreciation to the Governor for fulfilling his promises and appealed to the government to also link Tudun with Buruku with similar road project, saying that that will also assist other neighboring communities.