Dr. David Ogbueli is widely acclaimed for his exceptional leadership skills and unwavering dedication to societal progress. As the founder and president of Dominion City, he embodies impactful leadership, advocating for social reform and the holistic development of individuals and nations. 


His multifaceted roles as a Minister of the Gospel, Social Reformer, and Transformational Leader highlight his commitment to catalysing positive change globally. Through various initiatives and ministries, he has made a lasting impact on youth, governmental bodies, corporate institutions, and media platforms across Africa and beyond.


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With an impressive literary portfolio of over one hundred and fifty published books, Dr. Ogbueli’s profound knowledge and influence as a leader are evident. Additionally, his media broadcast, “Expand Your World,” reaches audiences across seven continents, disseminating his transformative message and impacting countless lives, communities, and nations.


Dr. Ogbueli’s dedication to societal upliftment is complemented by his role as a loving husband to Sarah Ogbueli and a devoted father to their four children. His tireless efforts and unwavering commitment to making a difference continue to inspire and empower people around the world.