From Noah Ebije, Kaduna


An associate professor of law at the American University of Nigeria (AUN), Yola, Prof Mohammed Bello Magaji, has described yahoo boys are threats to safe banking in the country.

In his newly published book on banking, Prof. Magaji focuses on key points like constitutional framework of banking law in Nigeria, legal requirements for establishing a bank in Nigeria, the legal nature of banker-customer relationship and contractual obligations of customer, amongst others.

While chatting with Sunday Sun after the event, the erudite Professor said: “I was motivated to author the book by the need to get the general reading public acquainted with the law of banking in view of its central role in the economy of the country and the recent technological and statutory developments in the banking sector.

“I will not subscribe to the notion that the banking business is full of frauds. It used to be so, but lately due to the regulatory and supervisory role of the CBN this menace has been curtailed to some extent.

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“It only remains the fraudulent activities of the so-called yahoo boys that pose a threat to a healthy banking sector. Victims of such activities would be assisted by the EFCC and the investigative units of the banks.

The guest lecturer, Chief Jubrin Samuel Okutepa (SAN), in a paper presentation entitled: “The nobility of the legal profession: The task before the Nigerian Bar Association,” described lawyers as noble people who ensure justice and equity in the society.

His words: “One of the key reasons the legal profession is considered noble is its commitment to upholding justice. Lawyers serve as advocates for their clients, ensuring that they receive a fair trial and have their rights protected. By representing individuals in legal proceedings, lawyers contribute to the administration of justice and help ensure that the legal system operates fairly and impartially. Furthermore, lawyers play a crucial role in defending the rule of law.


“They are responsible for interpreting and applying laws, ensuring that they are upheld and enforced. By upholding the rule of law, lawyers help maintain order in society and prevent the abuse of power. This commitment to the rule of law is essential for the functioning of a democratic society and the protection of individual rights.