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As the world continues to advance; online digitalization is guiding industries toward better and more efficient practices. The jewelry industry is no exception. From improved design practices to streamlined distribution, digitalization is taking hold over an ancient art form, making high-quality jewelry more accessible. Meit Kamdar Avlanii shares his insight on the impact digitalization has had on the jewelry industry.
Born in Mumbai, India, Meit Kamdar Avlanii designs one-of-a-kind jewelry for a discerning type of customer. “Jewelry is incredibly personal,” states Meit. “My designs incorporate artistry and culture into pieces that my customers wear for a lifetime.” Understanding that jewelry is an investment, Meit has embraced the tools digitization has brought to the forefront of design.
“Digitalization has allowed creators to streamline the design process, making more precise mark-ups and bringing client’s dreams to life,” explains Meit. “Through digital applications, we can craft drawings with incredible detail, simplifying an intricate process.” Designing luxury jewelry entails intense work, and through digital creation, artisans can lay out the finished product to exact specifications.
Not only has digitalization impacted the design process but it has also changed how jewelers interact with their clients. “Digitization has opened so many doors for jewelers. It has expanded our markets and how we engage with our clients,” states Meit. “Now clients can shop from their phones, securing beautiful work for their collections right from their feeds. Digitalization has put our showrooms in the palm of their hands.”
Excited for what the future holds, Meit is embracing the power of digitalization in his business. “I am passionate about customer satisfaction and truly appreciate the higher level that digitalization has rendered to my craft,” acknowledges Meit. Maintaining the idea that digitalization is here to stay, Meit Kamdar Avlanii continues to bring designs into the limelight through digitalized designs and services.

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