Former Manchester United and Real Madrid winger, Angel di Maria has received death threats in his home city of Rosario, after comments he made recently. The 36-year-old has not commented on the matter publicly.

Di Maria had remarked that he would like to return to Rosario Central, the club he came through at before making his jump to Europe with Benfica, to finish his career there. However, like Lionel Messi before him, his family has received threats.

While they live in a secure estate, a letter was delivered to di Maria’s parent saying the following, as reported by Infobae and quoted by Marca.

 “Tell your son Angel not to come back to Rosario again because otherwise we’ll do him by killing a family member. Not even Pullaro is going to save you. We don’t shoot little notes. We shoot lead and dead people.”

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Pullaro refers to the Provincial Governor Maximiliano Pullaro. Rosario Central would emit its own statement after the incident.

 “We feel aggrieved, damaged and damaged because these types of violent actions directly attack the economy and sporting success of the clubs. It cannot be permitted that they want to intimidate footballers or attack them and/or their families who are the main protagonists of sporting events, nor can violence against any actor in the football family be permitted.”

As noted in the article, gang violence is on the rise in Rosario with ‘narcoterroristas’ or ‘drug terrorists’ believed to be responsible for it. Drug cartels have wreaked havoc across Latin America in the last four decades, although it has been less of problem until recently in Argentina.

Security has been upped in Rosario, with armed forces being sent in by the Argentine government.