“Just like the other ‘Hallero’ brands, our new outlet will showcase simple and classy pieces with full attention paid to details.”

Agatha Emeadi

Fifteen years into creating quality fashion designs, Alero Fafowora has paved way for a new generation of designers by constantly producing stunning and unique outfits.

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The increase of her clientele satisfaction is part of the reason why she is set to open another outlet in Lekki soon.

And with the growth of the fashion industry into an enviable height, proving her worth as a dynamic bespoke designer, she is the creative director of ‘Hallero’ brand, a trademark she has grown over the years.

On what to expect from the new collections, Fafowora said: “Fashion lovers who understand what it means to put pieces together and follow trends will be excited to see new designs, great work of creativity, and technical elegance in every piece from Hallero.”

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She said they would see different arrays of ready to wear tops, bou-bou, defined skirts, and red carpet pieces made from various fabrics.

She said: “I have experienced fashion with great attention because I started sewing at a young age of 7. Nothing really inspired me into the world of fashion; rather, it is a natural thing and more of a passion for me; though I learnt a lot from my late grandmother, Mrs. Modupe Oninkan.

“Just like the other ‘Hallero’ brands, our new outlet will showcase simple and classy pieces with full attention paid to details. Every piece from the new store promises to stand the wearer out; we have been in business and have built a brand over the years; but we are not there yet.

“I am ready to give the opening my best and satisfy my numerous clients over the years because I am fulfilled doing what I am doing and making a living out of it. I am a creative person and there is nothing I cannot do as a creative designer. I have a passion for putting things together naturally.

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“In fact, my other business would be to own a mall where all my businesses would come together because I am naturally an active person who believe in what I do. There is nothing a man can do that I cannot do, and that quality and strength in me have paved the way of success for me as a woman.” She said. Fafowora studied Fashion and designs from Yaba College of Technology, and London College of fashion, hence, was prepared for the industry.

She said: “I can create anything from anything around me and have mentored most young designers who are both here and resident in foreign countries now.”