“God bless you our most revered man of God. My own case was that of marriage. I am a beautiful girl and people kept coming asking for my hand in marriage. Anyone that came would not last. This ugly experience continued to a point that it became a common slogan in my town. I had more than 15 disappointments in life with regard to marriage…my pastors kept praying and some prophets attributed it to what they called “Spiritual Husband.” I did undergo all kinds of prayers and deliverance, yet the problem persisted. I spent all my earnings on seed sowing and seeking spiritual assistance. The one that made me almost mad was the case of my suitor who brought the first drink according to our custom and tradition to my parents and consequently agreed on when to come back for the fulfillment of other marriage rites. He attends the same church with me and as a result I trusted that it was not going to fail. All of a sudden, the brother stopped picking my calls. After some time, he stopped coming to fellowship and in fact worked his transfer out of the state. It became a problem and before we could locate him, he had married another person and she became pregnant for him. It was at that point that I started searching for your contact having spoken to you before…When I re-contacted you, it was like a miracle you picked up and listened to me. After all said and done, you asked me to do what you instructed me initially. By the grace of God, I ordered three different kinds of your oil and you gave me the instruction on what to do. To God be the glory, at the end of the prayer, two persons came and became serious but when I submitted their names to you, the Holy Spirit spoke through you and made a choice for me; today we are married and I am expecting my first baby. God bless you richly for being a vessel unto honour.”

– Mrs. Joy E.O. [email protected]   

 “Dear Prof, I am grateful to God for answering my prayer. After using the oil you gave me, I passed out a strong stone while excreting. This is in addition to my former testimony last week. May God bless you. My mother is very happy for the freedom. Please, we need more of the oil.”

– Mr. Joseph Chimankpa

God has a way of working in the life of many people. The man who shared his testimony on how the angel of God flogged his debtor, who consequently paid him after that experience, has started a new life to the glory of God. The reason for this piece of information is to authenticate the function of prayer and how same is used by God to do great things. For more information, get your copy of my book, “How to Pass a Decree and Receive it within 20 days.” Very soon, I shall begin to write on prayers and how same is used by God to destroy the forces of darkness in the world of man.

There is a serious ongoing manipulation in economic arena, which has destabilized so many people; making the great to feed from hand to mouth. This is so designed to make many suffer. The Bible says, “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth” 3rd John 2.

 I wish to emphasize here that it is the will of God for his people to be blessed. At the same time, I do not preach prosperity before repentance because one must receive the BLESSER before receiving his BLESSINGS. Today the topsy-turvy of truth with regard to God’s blessings is preached daily. As a result people no longer attach importance to SALVATION messages; their emphasis is on material blessing without putting accepting Christ as Lord and personal Saviour into consideration. This is how the truth of the Gospel is upturned. We must do something about it. It is as a result of this that Churches are so many which in turn attracts much multitude; yet majority of people attending Churches are not saved.

According to Paul, “Howbeit we speak wisdom among them that are perfect, yet not the wisdom of this world, nor of the princes of this world, that come to naught. But wisdom, which God ordained before the world unto our glory…. 1 Cor 2:6-7.

I must say here that man is a unit of a higher energy and therefore generates hidden energies within him that are geared towards consolidation of his spiritual and physical being. It is consequent upon this that various aspects of his bodies vibrate in accordance with the forces of light to pass or emit information to the gross material body. This is the hidden wisdom imbedded in the unit of the super-conscious being-man in order to guide him in the right path. It is unfortunate that many people negate this and pass on in life in conspicuous penury, excruciating and deplorable conditions.

“We speak the wisdom of God in a mystery.” In this ground braking wisdom there is nothing that happens to man, that nature which God ordained within him does not give him earlier and direct information about it. Some know it, many ignore it and few appreciate it and enjoy their relationship with God. Every part of our body is a divine agency center (Temple of God) through which God communicate to us. This communication could be through signs, signals and much more.

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A born again Christian Brother called me some weeks ago and said to me that the lower part of his left eye was twitching and quivering seriously when he wanted to undertake a serious business venture. He prayed and was prayed for by his pastor who finally instructed him to pay his tithe from the money he was going to buy goods with. The Christian Brother consequently obeyed the man of God, paid his tithe and decided to proceed to his journey. But before he went he called me on phone and informed me of the signs he was receiving from the lower part of his left eyes. He also sought for the meanings, I told him to wait and watch before undertaking the journey. He replied, “Prof, my pastor has prayed for me and God is in control…”

Following his confession, I asked him to do what the Holy Spirit has instructed him to do. The young man ignored the whole body signs and proceeded to his business trip. When he got to Lagos, according to him, he picked his money from the bank and on his way; he was robbed and shot on his left leg. The Bible says, “A prudent man foreseeth the evil and hideth himself, but the simple pass on, and are punished” Proverbs 22:3. 

From the Bible assertion, one may ask, how does the prudent man foresee the evil and hide himself from it? The signs are means of communication. Your being prudent is based on the understanding and interpretations of such signs.

The simple, therefore, is the man who does not see reason to understand such signs and meanings. The fellow becomes like the pastor who prayed and instructed the boy to go ahead against the true instruction from the-Real-Divine that came through signs. Today he is still in the hospital receiving treatment. It could interest you to know that after that incident, the twitching at the lower part of his eyes stopped. How could one interpret such, Omen or superstition? There are many ways God talks to man let us not be hypocritical about this.

The moles on our bodies are subtle electromagnetic centers that convey serious massages in connection with the activities and destiny of man. This is not superstitious at all! No wonder the Igbos call it Ahumara-chi meaning mark of identification by God or birth mark by chi-God. The moles speak much about the person, his economic and spiritual life. This is not my focus in this article, but let it be known to you that the science of physiognomy and prosopomancy exposes some hidden qualities and nature of a person, both his temperament and much more.

Before I proceed, it is imperative to note here that we as children of God should not be in a hurry to dismiss hidden truth and wisdom of God buried in our higher and lower self which is a serious and dynamic avenues or channels through which God transmits information.

 I am saying this because there are people that up till date, an itching on the palm of their right hand signifies that they shall soon receive money. This happens to them irrespective of their Christian faith. It is not demonic in any form as some may think. 

One should Endeavour to study himself and meanwhile serve the king as Aristotle would say “Let us first of all know more about life, meanwhile serve the king”. Socrates concludes, “Man know thyself”.

 In knowing yourself, you should understand yourself in relation to how nature interacts with you. Nature is another voice of God in creation! The interpretation of these signs should not be generalized because it is solely individualistic and should be studied in that manner. From a higher science of life, do you know that if a man’s hair is very black, short and curling is an indication that the man may be given to liquor, somewhat quarrelsome and of an unsettled temper? There are more than the eyes can see.