National telecommunications operator, Globacom, has congratulated the Government and people of Nigeria, on the 19th anniversary of democratic rule in the country.

In a message to Nigerians on Democracy Day, Globacom said there is so much to celebrate as the country marks yet, another year of its return to democratic governance, and urged the citizens to imbibe the spirit of patriotism.

The operator said it was proud of the ability of Nigerians to weather the storm and remain one united country notwithstanding temporary challenges, adding that Nigerians should also reflect on the virtues which will further strengthen the nation and lead to enhanced growth and development.

Globacom said patriotism encompasses loyalty and service to Fatherland, love and goodwill towards fellow compatriots, spreading of peace and laying of emphasis on the virtues that unite us rather than the vices that divide us.

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“Patriotism is also an avowed commitment to making the country work in our daily endeavours and a readiness to make sacrifices for its defence.

“If a man does not boast about his house, it will fall on him,” Globacom said as it urged all Nigerians to work towards preserving the country’s   identity  as a nation of progressive, conscientious and God-fearing people who have interest in its wellness and continued existence.

Globacom commended Nigerians for unbroken sustenance of democracy in the last nineteen years, adding that citizens should endeavour to keep away all divisive tendencies as the country enters another election year.

The network assured its subscribers of the availability of its array of innovative voice and data services during and after the public holiday.