Dear paedophiles, you an enemy to every parent. An enemy to every child. I see the lust in your eyes and you have no control over it.

Bolatito Olaitan Adebayo

I didn’t have the intention of writing about this but then I ran into the story of a 13-year-old girl named Ochanaya, who battled with vesicovaginal fistula (VVF) and other health complications, after many years of alleged sexual abuse by a lecturer and his son.

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The little girl passed away in a private hospital in Benue State. The story haunted me. Every time I closed my eyes, I imagined how those men took turns to rape a helpless girl left in their care. I imagined how they must have ripped off her clothes and took turns to satiate lust. In my wild thoughts, I thought about how her heart rate would have accelerated and how she would try hard to control her breathing rate. After every attack, she must have been ripped, broken and bleeding. She must have figured out how to wash the trickling blood mixed with semen privately and cry bitterly with no one to console her. Probably they laid their hands around her neck, squeezed to give her a choke. She must have been surprised the first time but then she became used to it. Whenever they crept into her bed all she did was move her legs, panicked if she did it right so she won’t be beaten. That little girl who was once somebody’s sunshine, lived through many years of sodomy, splattered with blood and crying every night naked in the corner after father and son had climaxed. To these monsters, all that mattered was the pleasure. The ejaculation was much more important than her life. Unfortunately, help came very late and now she is dead. Pathetic.

Dear paedophiles, you an enemy to every parent. An enemy to every child. I see the lust in your eyes and you have no control over it. I know your narrowed, rigid, cold and hard eyes are on the little children around you. You don’t love them and you only give out gifts to these young ones just to trade off their innocence.

I know no child is safe with you, not even your own child.

Right now as I write, my blood boils and my heart is hammering erratically because I wish I could throw all of you in jail to rot. I wish the laws would make provisions for castration before you are locked up forever. I pray you all rot in hell even after your death. You deserve no mercy!

Before I get too emotional, here is another story: “I’m in my sixties now, but when I was a young boy my mother used to sit me on her lap while she dried me off after my bath, and she would fondle my genitals. Her behaviour never felt sexual but, looking back, of course, it was. I can’t remember exactly how long that went on but it was a long time. By the time it was over, I was self-harming.”

I read this story online and unfortunately for this person, he became a paedophile too but before he could harm any child he got help and he has been living normally.

According to my little research, there is help for these child molesters. If you are sexually attracted to children, go get help. It is a mental health problem and instead of you indulging in the beastly act go and see a psychotherapist before this beastly act consumes you.

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Here is another story told to me by a friend: “I was about five years when it all happened. Uncle Gboyega was my mother’s customer and he always came to the shop with gifts. Then one afternoon mum wasn’t around and I was alone with the salesgirl. I didn’t know what he told the salesgirl but she let him carry me away to his house. He promised me sweets and I was excited. Then he took me to his room and told me we were going to watch a movie. I didn’t care about the movie; all I cared about was the sweet he promised. On getting to his room he put on the television and we started watching. He brought out his penis and told me to do what they were doing on the television to it. I didn’t understand what it was then but as an adult now I understand better.” – Korede A.

My friend shared this story some years ago and according to her ‘Uncle Gboyega’ eventually when to prison for another crime entirely.

Paedophiles have always been in our midst but no one paid attention to them. Paedophiles are not just strangers that jump out of the bush when our children are on their way to school. They are more likely to be your friendly neighbours, attentive salesperson, charming relative or even the friend who is always willing to stay with your children. The paedophile in your area may be the schoolteacher, driver, pastor or youth leader. Never get fooled by appearances when you are trying to spot a child sex predator. It doesn’t matter if the person is well respected in society. They are married or unmarried adults and they work in a very wide range of occupations.

Although paedophiles can work anywhere they always find a way to be around children. Caring for children may not be their principal occupation but then they can volunteer as teachers, pastors, sports coach, daycare worker, Boy Scout leaders, and school bus driver etc.

Always be on the lookout when someone takes a special interest in your child. It doesn’t matter if your child is a boy or a girl. Sexual predators prey on both genders. No child is safe, so don’t think because you have a boy you are free; it doesn’t work like that. A friend of mine once shared that her son was almost molested in a church toilet. No places are exempted for these people.

Another ugly molester is the incestuous family member. It is usually an adult male but women are also into this deviant act. A guy once shared his story on Twitter on how he was abused by his mother for many years. Eventually, he had to run away from home and told everyone he was an orphan. He only told his wife the story and they both decided to keep it as a secret from his in-laws. Since that time
he ran from home till now he severed ties with his mother. He is happily married with children now but he has not spoken to his mother in many years. There are fathers too who abuse their daughters, these girls are daddy’s favourite girls. Daddy will always find a way to be around his girl alone. Stepfathers, uncles, grandfather, or live-in boyfriend of the mother can also molest the child or children.

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For many child sex predators, single mothers are usually easy targets while they continue a sexual relationship with the mother. If you are a single mum don’t let your guard off, watch your children closely and watch your boyfriend too.

A child will never walk up to you to tell you these things and they are usually silent for some reasons. It could be that they feel special with the attention they are getting. They may love the abusive adult and feel they are protecting that person. Or they might be silent because the abuser threatened them. That is why parents should be their wards friends. Have good communication with your kids and listen to them more often. Let them know no one can ever love them as you do. Never entrust your child to anyone. Lastly, as I said in my previous article on paedophiles, I think the Nigerian police should do more in enforcing the laws. There should be a Register of Sex Offenders; this will make their jobs easier. Police shouldn’t be toying with the lives of our children.

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