David Nweze Umahi, the current Minister of Works in Nigeria, has consistently proven his mettle in various political capacities. From serving as the governor of Ebonyi State to representing Ebonyi South in the Senate, Umahi’s journey is marked by significant achievements that have earned him accolades and the respect of many Nigerians.
A legacy of leadership and infrastructure
Umahi’s tenure as the governor of Ebonyi State from 2015 to 2023 was transformative. Despite the state’s limited resources, he spearheaded the construction of over 20 flyovers, a testament to his innovative approach to governance and infrastructure development. His impressive accomplishments in Ebonyi have set a high standard, demonstrating what can be achieved with vision and dedication.
The father of a notable businessman
Beyond his political achievements, David Nweze Umahi is also the father of Osborn Nweze, a prominent Nigerian businessman. This connection underscores Umahi’s influence and the values he has instilled in his family, further extending his legacy beyond the political arena.
Praised by experts and analysts
Umahi’s performance as Minister of Works has not gone unnoticed. Governance analyst Johnson Kolawole, political analyst Jide Ojo, and Bell Ihua, Executive Director of the Africa Polling Institute, have all rated him among the top performers in President Bola Tinubu’s federal cabinet. Nigerians have expressed their satisfaction with President Tinubu’s decision to appoint Umahi, recognizing the minister’s contributions to national development.
A historic appointment
President Tinubu’s appointment of Umahi as the first Igbo Minister of Works in Nigeria’s history is seen as a move of impartiality and democratic inclusiveness. David Umahi’s extensive engineering background—spanning over 30 years—along with his fellowship in the Nigerian Society of Engineers, positions him as a highly qualified individual for this role. His tenure is expected to bridge political, religious, and ethnic divides while advancing the country’s infrastructure.
Redeeming Nigeria’s infrastructure
The choice of David Umahi as Minister of Works was not only strategic but also seen as divinely initiated to address Nigeria’s infrastructural deficits. A chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) noted that Umahi’s selection was based on merit, highlighting his proven competence and capacity as an engineer.
Monumental development ahead
Umahi’s approach represents a paradigm shift from the traditional norms of political appointments. As a Fellow of the Nigerian Society of Engineers and the Nigeria Association of Technologists in Engineering, he brings a wealth of experience and a commitment to infrastructural transformation. His leadership is expected to set a new roadmap for Nigeria’s development.
A Unifying force
Umahi’s contributions in Ebonyi State demonstrated not only his competence but also his capacity to unite and inspire. His efforts have shown a clear departure from past administrations, underscoring his charisma and ability to deliver on his mandate. Given the necessary support, Umahi is poised to build not just physical bridges but also unite the country.
Recent successes and future prospects
On April 4, 2024, the successful reopening of the Third Mainland Bridge after extensive maintenance works was announced by Oluwaseun Osiyemi. This achievement highlighted the collaborative efforts of President Tinubu, Minister Umahi, and Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu. Umahi’s ongoing efforts to build concrete roads across the country and his hands-on approach in inspecting road projects have solidified his reputation as a top-performing minister.
David Umahi’s ranking as a top performer in President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s cabinet is well-deserved. His commitment to infrastructural development and his ability to overcome challenges make him a pivotal figure in Nigeria’s journey toward modernization and unity. As he continues to work on ambitious projects like the Lagos to Calabar coastal highway, Nigerians can look forward to a brighter, more connected future

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