By Sunday Ani

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A social development enterprise, Global Wissen Consult, has expressed its commitment to the prevention of cyberbullying, describing it as a threat to social development.
The firm said this while reacting to recent allegations against its founders, Nathalie Sundelin and Oscar Nwokeji.
A statement by Nwokeji said organisation remains resolute in its commitment to its core mission, while exploring new avenues to address emerging societal challenges.
The statement read: “As a pioneer in digital literacy education, Global Wissen Consult, recognises the urgent need to tackle issues, such as cyberbullying, which pose significant threats to the well-being of youths in today’s digital age.
“In line with this vision, the Global Wissen Consult is embarking on a research initiative with the aim of developing comprehensive programmes and services to combat cyberbullying effectively.
“The research conducted by Global Wissen Consult will lay the foundation for the development of evidence-based programmes and resources aimed at empowering youths and promoting responsible digital citizenship. By understanding the dynamics of cyberbullying and identifying best practices for prevention and intervention, the organisation seeks to provide practical solutions to address this pressing issue.
“While recent events have presented challenges, they have also underscored the importance of addressing issues such as cyberbullying in our society.
“Our expansion into this field signifies our commitment to leveraging technology for positive social change and creating safer online environments for all.
“Global Wissen Consult invites stakeholders, including educators, policymakers, and community leaders, to join in its efforts to combat cyberbullying and foster a safer online environment for all. The organisation looks forward to leveraging its research findings to develop impactful programmes that empower youths to navigate the digital world confidently and responsibly.
“Global Wissen Consult is a Swedish-Nigerian social development enterprise established to pass the light of digital literacy. The organisation is dedicated to pass digital literacy and social empowerment among youths through innovative and modern learning methods. “With a focus on bridging the digital divide and fostering inclusive communities, it is committed to creating positive social change through technology.”

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