Steve Agbota

Against the background of increasing high profile data breaches with greater sophistication, a cyber-security expert with Dizengoff Nigeria has cautioned businesses and organisations in the country against implementing reactive protective measures. The sheer viciousness of growing cyber-attacks and threats globally makes it imperative for security efforts to focus on preventive rather than reactive protection measures. 

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Mr. Akanna Iweka, Sales and Channel Manager, Networks and Cybersecurity, Dizengoff Nigeria, who gave the advice in a chat while reviewing Nigeria’s cyber security outlook for 2018, cautioned that organisations should select security products that provide superior security value. He argued that organisations should go for products that deliver value not just in terms of monetary cost but more for their security effectiveness.
Iweka said reactive security strategies can no longer protect businesses against the sheer viciousness of highly sophisticated cyber security attacks and threats that have evolved.

However, he canvassed the adoption of more secure preventive security platforms like the “Palo Alto,” which natively brings together all key network security functions, including advanced threat protection firewalls, IDP/IPS and URL filtering.